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Uniformity of antibiotic prophylaxis in surgical procedures is associated with improvement of timing
Willemsen I., van den Broek R., Bijsterveld T., van Hattum P., Winters M., Andriesse G., Kluytmans J.
Unique pre-analytic tool for microbial diagnosis
Sachse S., Schmidt K.H., Lehmann M., Deigner H.P., Russwurm S., Straube E.
Unusual association of tuberculous meningitis and cerebral toxoplasmosis in a HIV-negative patient. Case report
Slavcovici A., Marcu C., Lupse M., Itu C., Carstina D.
Update on daptomycin activity and spectrum when tested against Gram-positive strains collected in European medical centres (2006)
Sader H., Rhomberg P., Fritsche T., Jones R.
Update on potency and spectrum of activity of meropenem and selected broad-spectrum agents: testing results from the USA MYSTIC Program (2006)
Rhomberg P., Kirby J., Fritsche T., Sader H., Jones R.
Update on the epidemiology of infections in cancer patients
Maschmeyer G.
Updated qnr multiplex PCR-based technique: epidemiological survey of Qnr determinants in a collection of ESBL-producing enterobacterial isolates from Kuwait
Cattoir V., Poirel L., Rotimi V., Soussy C.-J., Nordmann P.
Urease-like IgG activity in H. pylori-positive patients with duodenal ulcer
Konorev M., Generalov I., Okulich V.
Urinary tract infection in asymptomatic jaundiced newborns
Mosayebi Z., Movahhedian A.
Use of an AFLP technique for the discrimination of source (human or animal) of E. coli
Vantarakis A., Chondrou M., Efstratiou M., Papapetropoulou M.
Use of avian influenza genodiagnostics in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Mizanbayeva S.U., Ospanov K.S., Yingst S.L., García-Sastre A., Favorov M.O., Kazakov S.V., Zeman V.V.
Use of clustering techniques for the prediction of microbiologic breakpoints, in well established bacteria-antibiotic pairs and in the Acinetobacter spp.–tigecycline combination
Fernandez F., Curcio D., Galas M.
Use of denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis for polymicrobial sample analysis
Zaloudikova B., Slany M., Freiberger T.
Use of FTA paper and PCR for detection of bacterial DNA in clinical swabs
Bueid A., Barhameen A., Jones J., Upton M.
Use of intravenous catheters in a general hospital: results of a day-prevalence survey
Loupa C., Vamvakoula K., Demetriadi H., Katsiki-Divari E., Romanos K., Petrou G., Lelekis M.
Use of multilocus enzyme electrophoresis to examine genetic relationships among isolates of Klebsiellapneumoniae
Rahmati M., Etemadi G., Asadi S., Abdi-Ali A., Feizabadi M.
Use of nested PCR for evaluation of Helicobacter pylori transmission by endoscopies
Mikkelsen H., Andersen L.P.
Use of solar radiation in disinfecting contaminated drinking water with cysts of Giardia lamblia
Zinyowera S., Midzi N., Muchaneta-Kubara C., Simbini T., Mduluza T., Robertson V.
Use of the human albumin gene as an internal control for multiplex real-time PCR in bone marrow transplant patient routine screening
McCulloch E., Harvey-Wood K., Jones B., Ramage G., Williams C.
Usefulness of a general chemotherapy myelotoxicity score to predict febrile neutropenia in haematological cancers
Georgala A., Paesmans M., Schwarzbold A., Muanza F., Aoun M., Ferrant A., Bron D., Klastersky J., Moreau M.
Usefulness of analysis of the Vbeta repertoire of T cells for the early diagnosis of staphylococcal and streptococcal toxic shock syndrome
Guillaume C., Thomas D., Ferry T., Perpoint T., Richard J.C., Allaouchiche B., Vandenesch F., Peyramond D., Etienne J.
Usefulness of C6 peptide antibody assay in early localised Lyme borreliosis
Vreede R.W.
Using directed graphs for examining transitions in antibiotic usage
Natsch S., Baart F., van der Linden P., de Neeling on behalf of the SWAB's working group on Surveillance of Antimicrobial Use H.
Using ELISPOT to expose false positive skin test conversion in tuberculosis contacts
Hill P., Jeffries D., Brookes R., Fox A., Jackson-Sillah D., Lugos M., Donkor S., de Jong B., Corrah T., Adegbola R., McAdam K.
Utility and clinical impact on the reported aetiology of a urinary antigen-detection test for Streptococcus pneumoniae in community-acquired pneumonia at the emergency department
Ezpeleta G., Ezpeleta C., Alava J.A., Unzaga J., Cabezas V., Gerediaga I., Amezua B., Blanco R., Cisterna R.
Utility of molecular methods in the diagnosis of infections related to abnormal vaginal discharge
García-Agudo L., Roman-Enry M., León J.R., Jesus de la Calle I., Rodriguez-Iglesias M.
Utility of the Gen-Probe amplified MTD test for the tuberculosis diagnosis in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded histologic specimens
Ros M., Mariscal D., Ferreros P., Combalia N., Orellana R., Vázquez J.A., Fontanals D., Torra M., Rey M.
Utility of the IFN-g assays using Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific antigens for the diagnosis of latent infection in contacts of people with sputum smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis
De Souza Galvao M., Latorre I., Mila C., Jimenez M., Prat C., Altet N., Haba L., Perez M., Ruiz-Manzano J., Ausina V., Dominguez J.