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Haemophilus influenzae survival during complement-mediated attacks is promoted by Moraxella catarrhalis outer membrane vesicles
Tan T.T., Mörgelin M., Forsgren A., Riesbeck K.
Helcococcus kunzii isolation from prosthetic joint infection
Balejová M., Fialová M., Piskunová N., Trubac P., Motlová J.
Helicobacter pylori infection in symptomatic HIV-seropositive and seronegative patients: a case-control study
Panos G., Xirouchakis E., Tzias V., Charatsis G., Bliziotis I., Doulgeroglou V., Margetis N., Falagas M.
H5N1 diagnostics: experiences with the NucliSens EasyQ® Influenza H5 and N1 reagents based on a real-time NASBA assay on non-human derived specimens
Camenish G., Hoop R.
Haemoglobin-binding activity and haemoglobin-binding protein of Prevotella nigrescens
Fujimura S.
Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis associated with visceral leishmaniasis
Tapisiz A., Belet N., Çiftçi E., Ince E., Dogru Ü.
HBV DNA extraction from serum using the NucliSENS easyMAG platform
van Deursen P., Onland G., van den Brule A., Verhoeven A., Jacobs M.
HCV-associated hereditary haemochromatosis and porphyria cutanea tarda in monozygotic twins
Telehin D.
Healthcare workers – Source, vector or victim of MRSA?
Albrich W.C., Harbarth S.
Hepatitis A infection in central Tuscany in children and youths
Gentile C., Alberini I., Manini I., Montomoli E., Rossi S., Pozzi T.
Hepatitis B virus genotypes and the response to antiviral treatment in children with chronic hepatitis B
Dzierzanowska-Fangrat K., Woynarowski M., Socha J., Dzierzanowska D.
Hepatitis C virus genotyping: correlation between real-time PCR and probe hybridisation assays
Rossi A., Bassani A., Berrone A., Baj A., Pulvirenti R., Toniolo A.
Hepatitis C virus kinetics during the acute phase of infection after occupational exposure in healthcare workers
Pape M., Mandraveli K., Politou A., Isticoglou I., Alexiou-Daniel S.
Hepatitis C virus genotypes distribution in infected patients
Suarez A., Alvarez M., Sanchez C., Picazo J.
Herpes simplex encephalitis
Rafiee Tabatabaei S., Karimi A., Hadipour Jahromy M.
Heteregeneous but higher adhesive properties of hospital-acquired MRSA Lyon clone isolates in comparison to MSSA isolates
Ferry T., de Bentzmann S., Mayor L., Bes M., Vandenesch F., Etienne J.
Heterogeneity of Chlamydia trachomatis L2 strains involved in the current outbreak of Lymphogranuloma venereum
Meyer T., Stellbrink H.J., Fenske S., Stary G., Geusau A., von Krosigk A., Plettenberg A.
Heterogeneous vancomycin intermediate resistance within methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates in Alexandria province, Egypt
Rizk N., Zaki S.A.
HHV-7 primary infection in solid organ transplant recipients
Anton A., Esteva C., Cervera C., Pumarola T., Moreno A., Jiménez de Anta M.T., Marcos M.A.
High expression of HCV core protein: a comparative study on effect of 6xHis-tag location (N- versus C-terminal) and purification method for various properties
Sadat M., Aghasadeghi M., Bahramali G., Rouhvand F.
High frequency of CTX-M genes among ESBL-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in a university hospital in Belgium
Rodriguez-Villalobos H., Laurent C., Castany-Prado R., Deplano A., Byl B., de Mendonça R., Struelens M.J.
High incidence of Clostridium difficile associated diarrhoea with a community onset in a hyperendemic region in Germany
Weil H.P., Fischer-Brugge U., Harmanus C., Mattner F., Gastmeier P., Kuijper E.J.
High occurrence of staphylococcal toxins among S. aureus isolated from children with cystic fibrosis
Alexandrou-Athanasoulis H., Petinaki E., Nikolaou S., Doudounakis S., Sergounioti A., Maniatis A., Pangalis A.
High prevalence and persistence of the Streptococcus pneumoniae Taiwan19F-14 clone among children in Greece
Mavroidi A., Paraskakis I., Pangalis A., Kirikou E., Charisiadou A., Athanasiou T., Tassios P., Tzouvelekis L.
High prevalence of Legionella pneumophila in severe community-acquired pneumonia, as determined by a commercially available PCR assay
Poblet-Mas N., De la torre M., Sirvent J.M., Garcia-Gil L.J.
High prevalence of inducible clindamycin resistance among community-associated methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Europe
Farrell D., Shackloth J., Cossins L., Quintana A., Hogan P.
High rate of extended-spectrum b-lactamases among Enterobacteriaceae blood-culture isolates from Bulgarian hospitals
Keuleyan E., Markovska R., Schneider I., Kantardjiev T., Sredkova M., Ivanova D., Rachkova K., Markova B., Dragijeva E., Mitov I., Bauernfeind A.
High throughput-screening for Chlamydia trachomatis in urogenital clinical samples using an ELISA-based PCR-system
Schwarzmann F., Fesenmeir S., Rabhofer R., Hofstetter S., Tiller F-W.
High-dose amphotericin B with flucytosine for the treatment of cryptococcal meningitis in HIV: a randomised study
Bicanic T., Meintjes G., Wood R., Rebe K., Brouwer A., Bekker L-G., Harrison T.
High-level multidrug-resistance among viridians group streptococci isolated from Turkey: report from the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program
Biedenbach D., Gur D., Korten V., Soyletir G., Jones R.
Highly efficient extraction of pathogen DNA from stool using the NucliSENS easyMAGTM specific A 1.0.2 protocol
Schuurman T., de Boer R.F., van Deursen P.B.H., de Bie P., Kooistra-Smid A.M.D.
Hippocampal apoptosis in pneumococcal meningitis: contribution of decreased cellular NAD+ levels?
Bellac C., Coimbra R.S., Christen S., Leib S.
HIV infection and the immigration phenomenon. Consequences on inpatient hospitalisation in a large Italian hospital, 2000–2006
Manfredi R., Calza L.
HIV infection in an intensive care unit
Silva S., Ferreira A., Piñeiro C., Xerinda S., Santos L., Sarmento A.
HIV infection, HAART, and gynecomastia. Epidemiological, clinical, and potential pathogenetic correlates
Manfredi R., Calza L.
HIV prevalence and risk behaviours among international truck drivers in Azerbaijan
Botros B.A., Aliyev Q., Saad M., Monteville M., Michael A., Nasibov Z., Mustafaev H., Scott P., Sanchez J., Carr J., Earhart K.
HIV-related morbidity in the HAART era
Escobar M.A., Garcia-Egido A.A., Romero S.P., Bernal J.A., Puerto J.L., Gonzalez-Outon J., Asencio C., Gomez F.
Hospital consumption of antibacterials for systemic use in Slovenia in 2005
Cizman on behalf of the Slovenian ESAC group M.
Hospital length of stay in patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections: retrospective analysis of a clinical study comparing tigecycline and vancomycin
Mallick R., Sun S.
Hospital-acquired bloodstream infections in a teaching hospital: a five year follow-up
Bulut C., Yetkin M.A., Erdinc F.S., Yilmaz G.R., Yücel M., Tülek N., Karakoc E.A.
Host defence control in children with chronic sinusitis: recolonisation of nasal microflora
Kuznecovs I., Joksta I., Jegina K.
Host susceptibility to accute community-acquired bacterial meningitis: multicentre study of genetic markers
García-Cabrera E., Amaya-Villar R., Barroso S., Sulleiro E., Rodriguez D., Fernández-Viladrich P., Coloma A., Catalan P., Rodrigo C., Fontanals D., Grill F., Juliá M.L., Vázquez J.A., Pachon J., Prats G.
How, when and whom to screen
Christiansen K.
HPV lesions in both genitalia and mouth of HIV sero-positive male patients
Giovani E., Müller R., Aguiar F., Melo J., Armonia P., Andia-Merlin R.
Human bocavirus infections in children in Hong Kong
Lau S.K.P., Woo P.C.Y., Yip C.C.Y., Lee R.A., So L.Y., Que T.L., Chan K.H., Yuen K.Y.
Human brucellosis as an emerging disease in Korea
Lee C-S., Baek B-K., Lim C-W.
Human herpes virus 6 infection in children in Northern Greece
Sidira P., Mitka S., Karabaxoglou D., Politi K., Kansouzidou A., Papa A.
Human immunodeficiency virus infected patients with community-acquired pneumonia: implication of respiratory viruses
Perello R., Moreno A., Cervera C., Smithson A., Miro J., Linares L., Agusti C., Camps M., Marcos M.
Human metapneumovirus in paediatric viral respiratory infections
Alexandre J., Alves M., Rocha G., Magalhães-Sant'Ana A., Meliço-Silvestre A., Nogueira C.
Human papillomavirus genotyping by DHPLC and sequencing
Dimitriadis E., Pandis N., Kada E., Lazaraki F., Kouri-Bairaktari E., Kourtis A., Karakoulaki M., Kanakakis S.
Hypercalcaemia associated with chronic viral hepatitis C
Yesilkaya A., Memikoglu K.O., Azap A., Demir Ö., Balik I.