Frequency of haematogenic contagious infections to blood donors in a general hospital of thoracic diseases in Athens, Greece, 2001–2005

Abstract number: 1734_196

Kalikatzaros D.K., Stagas M.S., Tsagarakis N.T., Kendroy N.K., Kamatsos I.K., Anastasakoy E.A., Mayrea S.M., Hristaki E.H.

Objectives: The purpose of our study is to see the frequency of haematogenic contagious infections of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and HTLV among blood donors of our hospital during the period 1/1/2001 and 1/12/2005.

Materials: Positive results of laboratory examination of 18658 blood donors for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and HTLV was recorded. The recording was made by sorting the results per year. All blood donors came to our hospital to donate blood during that period of time and were Greeks and non-native.

Methods: The detection of HBsAg, anti-HCV, and HIV was made with the microsomic immunoenzymic assay method MEIA-AxSYM of ABBOTT and the detection of HTLV antibodies was made with the photometric method MUREX of ABBOTT.

In the case of positive HCV confirmation was made with the RIBA method at the Hygienist School of Athens, while positive HIV samples were reexamined with Western Blot.

Results: From the total of the blood donors tested we had the results shown in the table. Regarding the HIV after re-examining with the Western Blot method only one sample was found positive. Of all blood donors, positive for an infection 76.9% were Greeks and 23.1% were foreigners. 0.005% was positive for HIV (after re-examination), 0.34% for hepatitisB, 0.2% for hepatitis C and 0.15% for HTLV.

Blood donorsPositiveHIVHbsAgHCVHTLV
200114 (0.37%)4325
200249 (1.3%)2241112
200331 (0.87%)110911
200424 (0.63%)31380
200527 (0.72%)41490

Conclusions: The frequency of those infectious diseases among the blood donors is at a low and satisfactory level. Nevertheless we must be very strict and thorough in choosing blood donors regardless of their nationality.

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