Profile of ceftobiprole activity against S. aureus, S. pneumoniae, Enterobacteriaceae, and P. aeruginosa: results of the 2005–2006 Surveillance Program

Abstract number: 1733_1520

Aranza M.K., Draghi D.C., Jones M.E., Thornsberry C., Sahm D.F.

Background: BPR is an investigational broad spectrum cephalosporin with activity against both Gram-positive organisms (including MRSA) and Gram-negative (including PA). BPR is under clinical development for hospital-acquired pneumonia and complicated skin and skin structure infections. Surveillance of BPR activity against current Gram-positive organisms, especially those resistant to b-lactams, and Gram-negative organisms is an important component of the development programme and was done to establish a database for longitudinal tracking of BPR activity throughout the development programme and beyond.

Methods: During 2005 – 2006, S. aureus (SA; including both methicillin-susceptible SA [MSSA] and methicillin-resistant SA [MRSA]), S. pneumoniae (penicillin-susceptible [PEN-S] and penicillin non-susceptible [PEN-NS]), Citrobacter spp. (CP), E. cloacae (EA), E. coli (EC), K. pneumoniae (KP), P. mirabilis (PM), S. marcescens (SM), and P. aeruginosa (PA) were collected from 31 institutions in 12 European countries and were centrally tested by broth microdilution (CLSI; M7-A6).

Results: See the table.

OrganismTotal nBPR (mg/L)
MIC RangeMIC ModeMIC50MIC90  
SA all1203<=0.12–>1610.52
SP all526<=0.002–10.0150.0150.25
SP PEN-S406<=0.002–0.060.0150.0080.015
SP PEN-NS1200.008–

Conclusions: BPR exhibited potent activity against Gram-positive organisms, including MRSA, and had activity very similar to currently available cephalosporins against Gram-negative organisms. Because all of these target pathogens can develop resistance to variety of antimicrobial agents, this baseline surveillance data will be important for continued tracking of BPR activity throughout clinical development and beyond.

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Date: 31/03/2007
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