Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR TB) in Athens

Abstract number: 1733_1490

Karabela S., Nikolaou S., Kouseris I., Makrigiannis N., Kanavaki S.

Objectives: The Global XDR TB Task Force (Geneva, October 8–9, 2006) agreed upon a revised case definition of XDR TB, as those cases of TB patients, whose responsible M. tuberculosis isolates are resistant to isoniazide and rifampicin, plus any of the quinolones and at least one of three injectable second-line drugs (amikacin, kanamycin or capreomycin). Since transmission of XDR TB strains is an emerging threat for the world, countries should strengthen TB control measures. For this reason, we evaluated the presence of the extensively drug resistant M. tuberculosis (MTB) strains in TB patients in Athens (January 2004–August 2006).

Methods: 1,415 new TB patients resulted in an equal number of MTB isolations. Microscopy, culture by the classical method on solid Löwenstein-Jensen (LJ) medium, and by the automated system Bactec MGIT 960 (Becton Dickinson), identification by hybridisation methods and commercial kits: InnoLipa V2 (Innogenetics), Accuprobe (Gen Probe, bioMérieux) and Genotype Mycobacterium CM and AS (Hain Life, Science) and sensitivity testing by the method of proportion on LJ solid medium, by Bactec MGIT 960 (Becton Dickinson) and by hybridisation technique, Geno Type MTBDR (Hain Life Science).

Results: 40/1,415 (2.8%) were multi-drug resistant (MDR) and 9/1,415 (0.6%) were XDR, so that percentage of MDR which were XDR was 22.5% (9/40 MTB isolates). Regarding XDR TB patients' nationality, 3/9 patients (33.3%) were from NE European countries and 6/9 (66.7%) were native Greeks.

Conclusions: The isolation of XDR MTB strains in TB patients in our country, should alert public health authorities. Greece, being a common destination for a great number of immigrants coming from NE Europe, SE Asia and Africa and a portal to Europe, should immediately respond to this danger to prevent further spread of XDR TB isolates.

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Date: 31/03/2007
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