Epidemiology of Candidakrusei and Candida inconspicua infections in haematology-oncology ward

Abstract number: 1733_1338

Sikora M., Swoboda-Kopec E., Stelmach E., Interewicz B., Domaszewska A., Majewska A., Olszewski W., Luczak M.

The need for adequate molecular typing is especially relevant in cases of pathogens that either increase in clinical prevalance or gain specific features increasing their disease-causing capacity. Both factors became appearent for fungy upon the rise in number of infections in immuno-incomponent.

Objectives: Analysis of epidemiology of the clinical isolates of C. krusei and C. inconspicua cultured in 2004 from patients hospitalised in haematology-oncology ward of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University in Warsaw and molecular characterisation of selected strains by RAPD (Random amplification of polymorphic DNA) technique.

Methods: The fungal strains were cultured from stool specimens, sputum, urine, blood, bile as well as swabs of the throat, mouth, wounds and perioneum of hospitalised patients. The isolation and identification of cultured fungi was done according to standard mycological procedures and commercially available tests (bioMérieux, Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur). Sixty nine selected strains of C. krusei and seventeen strains of C. inconspicua were further characterised by RAPD technique. PCR products were analysed by PAGE electrophoresis, silver stained and evaluated using Syngene software.

Results: The strains were most often isolated from stool samples 60.8%, sputum 15.7%, and throat swabs 9.8%. Molecular analysis of C. krusei strains revealed three groups (14, 12 and 7 isolates) with 98% of relatedness between strains, and 80% for 13 strains. 6 and 2 isolates of C. inconspicua were similar in 98% and 4 in 80%.

Conclusions: We report a high frequency of C. krusei isolations from patients hospitalised in the haematology–oncology ward. Molecular analysis of selected strains points to nonsocomial spread of this pathogen.

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Date: 31/03/2007
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