Extrapulmonary tuberculosis in central Tunisia: a review of 114 cases

Abstract number: 1733_1105

Kaabia N., Bellezreg F., Khalifa M., ben Jazia E., Braham A., Bahri F., Letaief A.

Tuberculosis continues to be a serious public health problem in Tunisia. The aim of this study was to identify epidemiological and clinical characteristics of extrapulmonary tuberculosis (EPT) in a tertiary care setting.

Methods: A retrospective case series was carried out of all cases diagnosed and treated as EPT during January 2000 to September 2006 at Farhat Hached Hospital, Sousse, Tunisia. Demographic, clinical, laboratory data and outcome were abstracted from medical records.

Results: 114 cases of EPT were included. The average age of patients was 47.5 years, 61 (53.5%) were men and 59% were rural dwellers. Isolated EPT was identified in 86 (75.5%) patients, 28 cases had both pulmonary and EPT. 41 patients (36%) had co-morbidities, most commonly diabetes mellitus in 9.5% of patients. Diagnosis delay was 16.5 days. The most frequent form was lymphadenitis in 30 cases (26.5%), followed by digestive (23), osteoarticular (17), genitourinary (13), pleural (11) and meningeal (11) forms. More than one location was noted in 24 patients (21%). EPT was diagnosed by histopathologic methods in 64 (56%) cases and by microbiologic methods in 33 (29%). Tuberculin skin test was significantly positive in 35% of patients. The average hospital stay was 24.5 days. No case had a relapse or recurrence of disease in the period of follow up, 4 patients with meningeal tuberculosis died. All patients were treated by antituberculosis drug, 21 (18.5%) presented adverse effects, most commonly hepatitis in 16 cases.

Conclusion: Although this study did not show the real frequency of EPT in our region, it noted the high frequency of lymph nodes localisation and the principal diagnostic method was the biopsy.

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