The anicteric form of viral hepatitis A

Abstract number: 1733_718

Mehmedi I., Mehmedi R., Temelkoski G., Mehmeti G., Xhambazoski Z.

Objectives: The Anicteric Form of Viral Hepatitis A (HA) is an uncommon form of benign, where the main symptoms are the same as those associated with icteric HA, except that there is an absence of jaundice. The presentation of same clinical-epidemiological characteristics of anicteric form of HA during the epidemics 1998–2000.

Methodes: The material is taken from the Infectious unit at the G. H. of Kërçovë during the period of September 1st, 1999 to March 30th, 2000. There were 175 cases of hepatitis treated at the Infectious unit at this G. H. The diagnosis was determined on the basis of: anamnesis, epidemiological date, Physical examination, functional test of the liver (the serum aminotransferases AST, ALT) and serological testes anti HAV IgM done by the ELISA (ORGANONR) method.

Results: HA is a disease found mostly in children of a young age. In our study we found 175 cases with acute viral hepatitis (avh) at an average age of 8.86 years (from the age of 3 to 43). Based on the place of the residence of the patients, the patients from urban area dominate with 54.9%. Based on the gender of the patients, the masculine gender dominates with 52.6%. The morbidity for the last ten years is an average of 60 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (6). According to the aetiological moment the cases are as follows: anti HAV IgM+, 175 cases (100%); 53 (30.3%) were of anicteric form of HA, and 4 patients (2.02%) were subclinical forms of HA. The symptoms and the clinical examination in the prodromal stage of the anicteric form of HA are similar to the icteric form of HA, except that the symptoms of the anicteric form are shorter and less intense. Clinical–biochemical recuperation periods are shorter in the anicteric form of HA, but the differences were not significant according to statistics of the c2 test (p > 0.1).

Conclusion: There were 53 patients (30.3%) with the anicteric form of HA. The clinical–biochemical symptoms of the anicteric form are the same as in the icteric form of HA, except that there is an absence of jaundice.

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Date: 31/03/2007
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