Effectiveness and tolerability of amoxycillin and azithromycin in treatment of patients with mild-to-moderate community-acquired pneumonias in outpatient settings

Abstract number: 1733_353

Kondratenko A., Bereznyakov I., Pozhar V.

Background: Although amoxycillin and azithromycin are recommended in Ukraine as first-line antibiotics to treat adult outpatients with community-acquired pneumonias (CAP), there are no direct comparisons between these antibiotics.

Objective: to compare an effectiveness and tolerability of amoxycillin and azithromycin in outpatients with CAP confirmed by chest X-ray with no co-morbidities and other modifying factors and no bacterial sample requirements for patient (pt) inclusion.

Methods: We performed a randomised open-label study in outpatients with mild-to-moderate CAP aged 18–60 years. 56 pts with CAP confirmed clinically and by chest X-ray were randomly assigned for treatment with amoxycillin (0.5 g tid po for 7–10 days), 45 pts were assigned for treatment with azithromycin (0.5 g qd po for 3 days or 0.5 g po x 1, than 0.25 g/d for 4 days). Dynamics of clinical, objective and laboratory data was estimated in 48–72 hours, 7±1 and 12±2 days after the beginning of treatment.

Results: Adverse reactions were registered in 1 pt (2.2%) from azithromycin group and 2 pts (3.6%) from amoxycillin group; initial antibiotic was changed in 1 case in the last group. Clinical recovery with chest X-ray confirmation (i.e. excellent results) were registered in 20 pts (35.7%) from amoxycillin group and 15 pts (33.3%) from azithromycin group, clinical recovery with no chest X-ray confirmation (i.e. good results) were determined in 11 (19.6%) and 7 pts (15.6%) respectively. Satisfactory results (i.e. clinical improvement) were defined in 13 (23.2%) and 17 pts (37.8%) correspondingly. In 4 cases (7.1%) from amoxycillin group and 3 cases (6.7%) from azithromycin group it was not possible to estimate results. Unsatisfactory results of therapy were documented in 2 pts (4.4%) from azithromycin group and 8 pts (14.3%) from amoxycillin group.

Conclusion: in 12±2 days of outpatient treatment positive results were reached in 78.5% cases in amoxycillin group and 86.7% cases in azithromycin group. There was a similar tolerability of both regimens of treatment.

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Date: 31/03/2007
Time: 00:00-00:00
Session name: European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Location: ICC, Munich, Germany
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