Changes in healthcare-associated infection rates in French maternity units from 1997 to 2003

Abstract number: 1732_8

Ayzac L., Vincent A., Girard R., Caillat-Vallet E., Chapuis C., Dumas A.M., Gignoux C., Haond C., Launay C., Tissot-Guerraz F., Fabry J., units surveillance networks

Objectives: Healthcare associated infection (HAI) incidence rates after delivery range from 0.26% to 20.3% according to the mode of delivery, the maternity activity, women risk factors. Data on HAI surveillance in maternity units are lacking. The Mater Sud-Est Study Group is a HAI continuous surveillance network on maternity units located in south eastern France. We report changes in risk-adjusted HAI rates over a 6-year long surveillance period in this maternity units network.

Methods: 161,077 vaginal deliveries and 37,074 cesarean deliveries were included in the surveillance between January 1st 1997 and December 31st 2003. We studied the changes in four HAI: endometritis and Urinary tract infection (UTI) after vaginal deliveries, surgical site infection (SSI) and UTI after cesarean deliveries. We used a logistic regression modeling to estimate risk-adjusted HAI rates. The year of delivery was considered as a risk factor. The trend of risk-adjusted HAI rates over the study period was studied by a linear regression of the year-of-delivery odds ratios for each targeted HAI.

Results: The rate of endometritis and UTI after vaginal deliveries was 0.3% (534/161,077) and 0.5% (728/161,077) respectively. Over the study period the decrease in endometritis odd ratios was statistically significant. We found no statistically significant trend in vaginal delivery's UTI.

The rate of SSI and UTI after cesarean deliveries was 1.5% (571/37,074) and 1.8% (685/37,074) respectively. Over the study period the decrease in SSI and UTI odd ratios was statistically significant.

Conclusion: These findings highlight the positive effect of participating in a surveillance network for infection control and for improvement of care.

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Date: 31/03/2007
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