Evaluation of measles-specific humoural and cell-mediated immunity in infants aged 9 months after vaccination with AIK-C and Schwarz measles vaccine strains, in Ilam, Iran

Abstract number: r2264

Azizi Jalilian  F., Sadeghifard  N., Abdi  M., Amini  R., Zaeimi Yazdi  J.


The aim of this study was determination of immunogenicity of AIK-C and Schwarz measles vaccine strains in infants aged 9 months, in Ilam, Iran.


One hundred infants aged 9 months were enrolled in two groups (fifty infants in each group). In this study two live attenuated measles vaccines including Alk-C and Schwarz were used. Each group of infants was injected by one of these vaccines. After vaccination, the humoural and cellular immune response directed against Alk-C and Schwarz vaccines were evaluated by Viral Neutralization Test (VNT) and Lymphocyte Transformation Test (LT) methods


Injection of Alk-C resulted in 58% cellular immunity and 88% humoural immunity against measles. The rate of inducted cellular and humoural immunity against measles after injection of Schwarz were 44% and 68% respectively. There is a significant difference between Alk-C and Schwarz mediated immunity.


We conclude that Alk-C vaccine is more immunogenic than Schwarz vaccine in infants and can induce effective immunization against measles at nine months of age particularly as a first dose.

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Date: 01/08/2007
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Session name: XXIst ISTH Congress
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