Relationship between Chlamydia pneumoniae seroprevalence and reproductive health of female health care workers

Abstract number: r2097

Yavuz  T., Ozdemir  I., Arbak  P., Behçet  M., Sert  E.


To evaluate the relation between infectious agents and reproductive health hazards of health care workers (HCWs), a cross-sectional study consisted of 73 HCWs and 65 bureau workers were designed.


Reproductive health problems of both groups were compared with a questionnaire, and then serologic examinations for Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG, IgA and IgM were performed by indirect immunofluorescence assay.


The mean age of HCWs (32.9 ± 5.4 years) is lower than that of the controls (38.0 ± 5.9 years) and the difference was statistically significant (p < 0.05). Most of the HCWs (56/91) were positive for Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG whereas approximately half of the controls (25/54) were positive but the difference was not statistically significant (p = 0.053). According to the presence of Chlamydia pneumoniae IgA, no significantly difference was found between HCWs (46/91) and controls (20/54). Six HCWs were positive for Chlamydia pneumoniae IgM while none of the controls were positive. Smoking rates were similar between HCWs (25/91) and controls (19/54). The mean weight of the children of subjects positive for Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG (2896.4 ± 511.7 gr) was statistically significantly lower than that (3656.8 ± 398.5 gr) of subjects negative for Chlamydiapneumoniae IgG. Preterm birth was significantly (p = 0.02) higher in subjects positive for Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG (20/91) than in subjects negative for Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG (4/54).


These data showed that HCWs had a high rate of C. pneumoniae seropositivity and the rate of low birth weight was associated with this infection. We considered that future studies should be focused on the relation of infectious diseases and reproductive health problems of the HCWs.

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Date: 01/08/2007
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