Neurological manifestations in varicella

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Popescu  C.P., Florescu  S-A., Cotiga  M., Enache  G., Botgros  R.F., Raduta  L., Calistru  P.I., Ceausu  E.


Clinical,paraclinical and terapeutical evaluation of neurological manifestations in varicella.


We analysed patients with varicella and neurological manifestations admitted in Clinical Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Disease "Dr.V.Babes" Bucharest from January 2001 to October 2005.


From 447 patients with varicella 19 presented neurological manifestations (sex ratio M/F:10/9). 18 had acut cerebellar ataxia and one had encephalitis. We estabilished the diagnosis on the basis of clinical aspects (including neurological examination), cerebrospinal fluid examination and electroencephalogram. The age interval was between 7 months and 30 years. Most cases were diagnosed in children and teenager (17); one case toddlers, and 2 cases in adults. Neurological manifestations appeared in most cases among 7 and 10 days after the onset of rash (15 cases). In the order of frequency: gait disorders (15), cerebellar ataxia (11), fever (7), vomiting (5), nistagmus (3), seizures and coma (1). CSF showed limphocytic pleiocytosis and elevated levels of protein (10 cases); in 9 cases CSF had normal aspects. Electroencephalogram had dominant theta wave with totally or partially suppression of alpha activity in all patients. All cases showed clinical and EEG improvement at the end of the treatment.


The most frequent neurological manifestation was cerebellar. The evolution was good under treatment, with no sequelae at 1 month of follow up.

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