NeLI and NRIC survey: information needs of infectious disease professionals

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Kostkova  P., D'Souza  S., Madle  G., Mani-Saada  J., Wiseman  S., Roy  A., Weinberg  J.

Healthcare professionals are increasingly facing the problem of information overflow. It is getting impossible to keep up-to-date with the latest research findings, care guidelines and pathways, government strategies and national and local policies. Internet enables an instant information dissemination enabling access to the latest results at any time as well as informal knowledge exchange by using chat rooms and discussion forums. However, it is getting increasingly difficult for busy professionals to find reliable quality-assured information on the Internet when they need it. National Internet libraries in the UK are addressing this problem: the umbrella portal National electronic Library of Infection NeLI ( providing a single access portal to quality-assured information on treatment, diagnosis, prevention and management of infection diseases, and the National Resource for Infection Control NRIC ( - a single-stop shop for policies, guidelines and research around infection control, hosted by NeLI. To better meet the information needs of these Internet portals, accessed by 2000 unique users per month, we are conducting an information needs study to explore clinical questions, user needs and disease priorities of users seeking answers on NeLI and NRIC. A pilot qualitative online questionnaire-based study revealed that our users come from the variety of professionals: clinical scientist, consultant, registrar, psychotherapist, lecturer, GP, medical librarian, information scientist, health protection. These have questions mainly around HIV, tinea, molluscum contagio, meningitis, cold, MRSA, Lyme, Toxoplasma, chicken pox, Influenza, diarrhoea and vomiting, rash, Staph. aureus, traveller infections antibiotics resistance, malaria, MMR, meningitis, viral myocarditis, anthrax, smallpox, and TB. This is in line with our quantitative weblog-based evaluation of the most commonly access topics on NeLI by NHS-based users: Antimicrobial resistance and HAE (10.27%), TB (9.54%), meningitis (9.47%), HIV (8.95%), chlamydia (6.31%), E. coli (5.54%), Staph. aureus (5.26%), adenovirus (4.84%), blood borne infections (4.44%). The results of the ongoing analysis of google search keywords that brought users to NeLI and NRIC will be discussed. Further results identifying the needs specific to the infection disease professions will be discussed in relation to differences in the national variations in information needs and priorities.

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Date: 01/08/2007
Time: 00:00-00:00
Session name: XXIst ISTH Congress
Location: Oxford, UK
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