Diabetes mellitus as a risk and prognostic factor for pyogenic liver abscess in Denmark

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Thomsen  R.W., Jepsen  P., Sørensen  H.T.


Pyogenic liver abscess (PLA) is a rare but life-threatening disease with rising incidence rates reported from the United States and Europe. In Taiwan, diabetes mellitus has emerged as an overwhelming risk factor for PLA, whereas epidemiologic studies on diabetes as a risk factor for PLA in Western populations are sparse.


We examined diabetes as a risk factor and prognostic factor for PLA in Denmark during a 26-year period, using a large nationwide data set based on administrative registries. We identified all patients with a diagnosis of PLA in the National Registry of Patients, and randomly selected fifty gender- and age-matched population controls for each case. We used conditional logistic regression to estimate odds ratios (ORs) for PLA according to diabetes, adjusted for medical and surgical risk factors. Among patients with PLA, we compared adjusted mortality odds ratios in diabetic and other patients.


The study included 1448 patients with a first hospitalisation with PLA between 1977 and 2003. The median age (range) was 65 (0–97) years, and 54% were men. A total of 11.1% of the patients with PLA had diabetes recorded before or on the matching date, compared with 2.5% of control subjects. After adjustment for potential confounding factors, the OR for PLA in persons with diabetes was 4.0 (95% CI: 3.3–4.8). At 30 days after discharge, the mortality was 24.8% for diabetic patients and 18.0% for non-diabetic patients with PLA. The adjusted mortality odds ratio in diabetic patients was 1.3 (95% CI: 1.0–1.9).


In this nationwide study, we found a fourfold increased risk and a poorer outcome of PLA associated with diabetes mellitus.

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Date: 01/08/2007
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