Norovirus as a cause of acute gastroenteritis in Northern Greece: detection with IDEIA and RT-PCR

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Mitka  S., Ifantidou  A., Sotiriadis  S., Karabaxoglou  D., Kansouzidou   A.


Noroviruses (NVs) are identified as an important cause of gastroenteritis in humans. These viruses are also the leading cause of food borne or waterborne outbreaks of infectious intestinal diseases. Genogroup II (GII) and I (GI) are associated with human infection. The virus is transmitted through contaminated food or water, directly from person to person or by contact with contaminated surfaces. The aim of this study was the investigation of NVs as cause of acute nonbacterial gastroenteritis in Northern Greece.


A total of 141 faecal specimens from patients (111 children and 30 adults, 79 males and 62 females) with acute gastroenteritis were studied. The major criterion for the choice of the samples was the initial exclusion of the bacterial nature of the disease. For the detection of NVs antigen in all faecal specimens an IDEIATM test (DakoCytomation) was performed. This test utilizes GI and GII specific monoclonal antibodies in a solid-phase sandwich enzyme immunoassay for the detection of GI and GII NVs. Specimens that were found to be positive with the IDEIATM test (N = 23) were examined for the presence of NVs RNA by RT-PCR using three different pairs of primers. The RNA extraction was performed by Qiagen spin columns technique (QIA amp RNA kit). The viral RNA from the specimens was amplified using two pairs of primers of the RNA polymerase gene (PCR A, PCR B) and one pair located near the 3' end of the genome (PCR C).


Faecal specimens from 23 patients (19/111 children, 4/30 adults) were found positive with IDEIATM test (13 for GI, 9 for GII and 1 for GI and GII) representing 16.3% of the total specimens. PCR A showed positive result in 20 out of 23 specimen, PCR B in 17 and PCR C in 11 (9 specimens were positive with all three PCR's, 8 specimens were positive with PCR A and B, 2 specimens were positive with PCR A and C and 1 specimen was positive only with PCR A).


The present findings showed that NVs are a frequent cause of acute nonbacterial gastroenteritis in Northern Greece. To our knowledge, this is the first reported study to have investigated the NVs as a cause of gastroenteritis in Greece. Results obtained suggest a seasonal distribution of the disease, whereas there are no significant differences among ages. PCR A was the most sensitive of the three PCR's applied.

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Date: 01/08/2007
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