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Neisseriasiccaperitonitis in patient on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis: a case of the ‘nonpathogenic’Neisseriae infection
Papaefstathiou C., Zoumberi M., Arvanitis D., Vlasopoulos D., Kouppari G.
Nasopharyngeal colonisation in healthy children in Greece
Papavasileiou H., Makri A., Papavasileiou L., Agathokleous X., Andrianopoulou I., Varveri M., Kanaki T., Vogiatzi A.
National surveillance on methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Denmark, 1999–2003
Skov R., Larsen A.R., Böcher S., Stegger M., Klemmensen T., Monnet D.
Native and prosthetic valve endocarditis caused by Brucella Spp.: evaluation of eight cases
Kocak F., Simsek Yavuz S.
Neonatal Candidiasis
Müller F.-M.
Neonatal meningitis-bacteraemia from Listeria monocytogenes
Garatziotou D.G., Vlachou M., Michail P.M., Paratiras S., Koureli O., Gatopoulou A., Spiliopoulou A.
Neoplasia associated with HIV infection in the HAART era
Bernal J.A., Escobar M.A., Garcia-Egido A.A., Romero A., Dominguez B., Asencio C., Puerto J.L., Gonzalez-Outon J., Garcia-Gil D., Rosety M., Gomez F.
Neutrophil oxidative metabolism in children with chronic hepatitis C
Wozniakowska-Gesicka T., Wisniewska-Ligier M., Lewkowicz P.
New cefotaxime/ceftriaxone NCCLS susceptibility breakpoints: effect on reported Streptococcus pneumoniae resistance in European surveillance
Bruinsma N., Kahlmeter G., Tiemersma E., Monen J.C.M., Grundmann H.
New clone of Neisseria meningitidis Y causing invasive meningococcal disease in the Czech Republic
Kriz P., Kalmusova J., Musilek M.
New glycopeptides and lipopeptides
Livermore D.
NKT cells in the peripheral blood of patients with active and inactive pulmonary tuberculosis
Celik I., Ilhan F., Akbulut H., Deveci F., Turgut T.
Nocardia and nocardiosis in recent years: different micro-organisms in different patients
Radice C., Muñoz P., Marín M., Bouza E.
Nocardiosis in a teaching hospital in the Central Anatolia region: treatment and outcome
Yildiz O., Alp E., Tokgoz B., Tucer B., Aygen B., Sumerkan B., Couble A., Boiron P., Doganay M.
Non-beta-lactamase mediated beta-lactam resistance in Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Gould V., Miller D., Howe R.A., Avison M.
Non-culturability of Mycobacterium smegmatis in stationary phase
Salina E.G., Shleeva M.O., Vostroknutova G.N., Kaprelyants A.S.
Non-haemolytic isolates of serotype 1 pneumococci
Jefferies J.M.C., Kirkham L., Smith A., Clarke S.C., Mitchell T.J.
Non-toxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae as a cause of bacterial endocarditis in children with congenital heart defects
Dove M.G., Loxton R.P., Olivier E.J., Prinsloo B.
Non-typhoid Salmonella bacteraemia in a Danish county: a population-based prognostic follow-up study
Gradel K.O., Schønheyder H.C., Pedersen L., Sørensen H.T., Thomsen R.W., Nørgaard M., Nielsen H.
Norfloxacin as a marker of decreased susceptibility to fluoroquinolones in enterobacteria using the Vitek 2 system
López L., Alcala J., Torres F., Perea E.J., Pascual A.
Norfloxacin as an alternative marker of decreased susceptibility to fluorquinolones in Salmonella enterica
López L., Gisaeus A., Pascual A.
Norovirus associated gastroenteritis at a tertiary hospital in Greece
Karabogia-Karafillidis P., Orfanidou M., Strouza A., Vagiakou-Voudris E., Malamou-Lada H.
Nosocomial bacteraemia due to Acinetobacter baumannii in a university hospital
Inal A., Tasova Y., Saltoglu N., Firinciogullari F., Aksoy N., Dündar I.H.
Nosocomial candidaemia in a Brazilian paediatric population: a 9-year study comparing risk factors and the outcome of paediatric and adult candidaemia
Pasqualotto A.C., Nedel W.L., Machado T.S., Severo L.C.
Nosocomial candidemia in patients using antifungals (breakthrough): comparison to non-breakthrough episodes
Pasqualotto A.C., Nedel W.L., Machado T.S., Severo L.C.
Nosocomial infections among earthquake victims in a backup university hospital after 1999 Marmara earthquake, Turkey
Akin H., Atalay H., Bicakcigil M., Tan D., Bakirci N., Babacan F., Culha G., Odabasi Z., Mulazimoglu L., Korten V.
Nosocomial infections in neurology intensive care unit of a university hospital
Kurtaran B., Saltoglu N., Inal A., Tasova Y., Ozeren A.
Nosocomial infections in paediatric patients
Renko M., Kinnula S., Uhari M.
Nosocomial infections in the renal transplant recipient
Dantas S.R.P.E., Kuboyama R.H., Mazzali M., Moretti M.L.
Nosocomial infections survey in a university hospital: results of the last 5 years
Ozgunes I., Erben N., Colak H., Doyuk Kartal E., Aksit F., Senocak B., Usluer G.
Novel class A carbapenemase, KPC-4, in an Enterobacter isolate from Scotland
Palepou M.-F.I., Woodford N., Hope R., Colman M., Glover J., Kaufmann M.E., Lafong C., Reynolds R., Livermore D.M.
Novel gyrB and parE mutations detected in the quinolone-resistance-determining-region of clinical quinolone-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Ferreira S., Walsh T.R., Mendo S.
Nurse-to-patient-ratio as risk factor for nosocomial primary bloodstream infection in ICUs
Eckmanns T., Bärwolff S., Behnke M., Grundmann H., Rüden H., Gastmeier P.