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Acinetobacter baumanii: evolution of the antimicrobial resistance of strains isolated at a central military hospital
Amhis W., Naim M., Tiouit D., Chabani A.
Acinetobacter species and strains in a university hospital during a four-year period
Dijkshoorn L., Bernards A.T., van der Reijden T., van den Broek P.H.
Actinobaculum schaalii infections: clinical relevance, identification and antibiotic susceptibility
Reinhard M., Prag J., Kemp M., Andresen K., Klemmensen B., Højlyng N., Sørensen S.H., Christensen J.J.
Actinomyces spp.: a disregarded pathogen?
Palombarani S., Almuzara M., Bombicino K., Rodriguez H., Bertona E., Famiglietti A., Vay C.
Aerococcus urinae– a rarely detected pathogen of infective endocarditis
Slany M., Pavlik P., Cerny J., Freiberger T.
Agrobacteriumradiobacterperitonitis in a patient on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
Konstantakopoulou-Papadaki H., Botsari S., Sonician M., Vlasopoulos D., Kouppari G.
Aspergillus arthritis in an immunocompetent patient
Azap A., Demir Ö., Kaya A., Yagci D., Tekeli E., Güriz H., Numanoglu N.
A baseline assessment of telavancin's activity against a collection of Gram-positive isolates, including resistant phenotypes
Draghi D.C., Blosser R., Jones M., Sahm D.F.
A bibliometric analysis of worldwide trends in research productivity in microbiology
Vergidis P., Karavasiou A., Paraschakis K., Bliziotis I., Papastamataki P., Falagas M.
A case of acute melioidosis in a traveller
Liassine N., Lucchini R., Descombes M.C., Guinand O.
A case of ventricular drainage infection with a rare pathogen in cerebrospinal fluid: vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium
Baysallar M., Izci Y., Kilic A., Avci I.Y., Senses Z., Doganci L.
A case-control study to evaluate the economic outcome of early PO linezolid in patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections
Davis S., Shieh M., Levine D., McKinnon P.
A change in cleaning can reduce environmental bacterial contamination
Hardy K.J., Oppenheim B.A., Gao F., Hawkey P.M.
A common human toll-like receptor 4 mutation is associated with increased mortality in children with invasive meningococcal disease
Knuf M.F., Faber P.J., Habermehl P.E., Gemmer G., Russo A., Murdoch C., Finn A., Mueller M., Zenz W., Meyer C., Zabel B.-U., Schmitt H.-J., Zepp F.
A comparative in vitro analysis of amoxicillin-clavulanic acid and seven comparative agents in 15,521 paediatric respiratory isolates
Bouchillon S., Johnson J., Hoban D., Butler D., Min S., Miller L., Payne D.
A comparative study of C-reactive protein serum values in chronic hepatitis Band C and correlation with the progression of the disease
Karabassi V., Pouyiouka M., Milonas C., Petrochilou C., Alexandropoulos N., Kontou-Castellanou C.
A comparative study of risk factors and outcome among outpatient-acquired and nosocomial-acquired candidemia
Pasqualotto A.C., Nedel W.L., Machado T.S., Severo L.C.
A comparative, investigator-blind study of topical tea tree oil versus erythromycin gel in the treatment of acne
Darabi R., Hafezi M.A., Akbarloo N.
A comparison of Listeria monocytogenes serovar 4b isolates of clinical and food origin in Austria by automated ribotyping and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis
Heller I., Grif K., Dierich M.P., Wuerzner R.
A comparison of trends in antibiotic resistance in Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae in the UK
Bishop L.A., Alhaddad N., Lamagni T.L., Johnson A.P.
A controlled intervention study to improve antibiotic use in a Russian paediatric hospital
Berild D., Abrahamsen T.G., Andresen S., Bjørløw E., Mintchenko S., Kossenko I., Kubar O., Lelek M., Pyasetskaya M., Ringertz S., Sysenko G.
A four-year analysis of antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance among Gram-negative bacilli in an Italian intensive care unit
Bassetti M., Righi E., Fasce R., Costa A., Cantagalli E., Rebesco B., Cruciani M., Mengoli C., Bobbio Pallavicini F., Bassetti D.
A hospital-wide outbreak of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections associated with the use of bottled mineral water
Eckmanns T., Martin M., Weist K., Rüden H.
A LightCycler Real Time PCR protocol for accurate quantification of HCV viraemia followed by sequencing of different genotypes
Tagliaferro L., Menegazzi P., De Donno M.A., McDermott J.L., Varnier O.E.
A multicentre agar and broth dilution susceptibility testing study of fluoroquinolones against the Bacteroides fragilis group
Aldridge K.E., Snydman D., Hecht D., Edlund C., Herrington J.
A multicentre correlation study of VITEK 2 with reference methods for telithromycin, mupirocin, and daptomycin against Staphylococcus spp.
Aldridge K.E., Dizney A., Thomson K., Procop G.
A multidimensional screening of non-clinical isolates reveals metallo-beta-lactamases in the environment
Quinteira S., Ferreira H., Peixe L.V.
A new anti-HCV EIA based on recombinant antigens derived from different sequence variants of hepatitis C virus
Ulanova T., Puzyrev V., Kulikova L., Bochkova G., Golubeva I., Obriadina A., Burkov A.
A new approach to laboratory diagnostic of infectious gastroenteritis
Olesen B., Hansen D.S., Tybring H., Hansen A., Olsen K.E.P., Bruun B.G.
A new flexible automated sample preparation method based on paramagnetic particles for the isolation of Chlamydiatrachomatis from urine samples, for downstream analysis using three different naat systems
Anglès d’Auriac M., Espelund M., Engen T., Jeansson S., Størvold G., Hjelmevoll S., Nordbø S.A., Haugen I.J., Refseth U.H.
A new interactive approch to improve hand hygiene compliance
Holt J., Tvenstrup Jensen E., Buhl D.
A new outbreak of VIM-1-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the same site as the first VIM description
Mazzariol A., Bahar G., Konkan R., Fontana R., Cornaglia G.
A new recombinant antigen haemagglutination test for the serological diagnosis of syphilis
Chepurchenko N., Ulanova T., Puzyrev V., Loginova L., Burkov A., Obriadina A.
A Nordic study of antibiotic susceptibility of enterococci at different ward levels
Claesson C., Nilsson M., Hällgren A., Hanberger H., Nilsson L.E., on behalf of the SCOPE Study Group 
A nosocomial outbreak of CTX-M-15 producing E. coli in Norway
Haldorsen B., Natås O., Grundt H., Bue B., Naseer U., Walsh T.R., Sundsfjord A.
A novel and rapid method for determination of rubella virus immunoglobulin G avidity
Eggers M., Enders M., Strobel S., Piche J., Diz I., Enders G.
A novel approach for evaluating the microbiological efficacy of tigecycline in patients with complicated skin and skin-structure infections
Meagher A., Ambrose P., Passarell J., Cirincione B., Babinchak T., Ellis-Grosse E.J.
A novel class 1 integron containing an aadA aminoglycoside resistance gene cassette resulting from in vivo homologous recombination
Cano M.E., Benito I., García-Lobo J.M., Agüero J.
A novel coronavirus, HKU1, from patients with pneumonia
Woo P.C.Y., Lau S.K.P., Chu C.-M., Chan K.-H., Tsoi H.-W., Huang Y., Wong B.H.L., Poon R.W.S., Cai J.J., Luk W.-K., Poon L.L.M., Guan Y., Wong S.S.Y., Peiris J.S.M., Yuen K.-Y.
A novel gradient technique for combination testing: configuration and applications
Bolmström A., Engelhardt A., Karlsson Å., Vidh P.
A novel rapid vaginal yeast infection test
Greenberg Z., Illouz M., Margalit R., Kopelowitz J., Shaposhnikov M., Babai O., Chertof B., Lee M.
A pathogen or a contaminant: the emerging significance of Kytococcus schroeteri
Becker K., Berchiche C., Aepinus C., Wüllenweber J., Etienne J., Podbielski A., Herrmann M., Peters G., von Eiff C.
A prevalence study on carriage of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Finnish nursing home
Kerttula A.-M., Lyytikäinen O., Virolainen-Julkunen A., Finne-Soveri H., Agthe N., Vuopio-Varkila J.
A progressive study of mycobacterium isolations in HIV+ patients (1991–2004)
Nikolaou S., Kanavaki S., Skroubellou A., Karabela S., Raftopoulou I., Papavassiliou A., Tamvakis V.
A prospectic nosocomial infection – survey in a medical department in Italy
Tosti A., Fiorio M., Marmotta S., Bellini M., Miele N.
A prospective study of neck mass excluding thyroid nodules in one hospital
Zangeneh M.
A randomised controlled factorial trial of antibiotic prescribing strategies and an information leaflet about natural history for acute lower respiratory tract infection
Little P., Rumsby K., Kelly J., Watson L., Williamson I., Moore M., Warner G., Fahey T.
A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-design trial of multiple doses of tolevamer in healthy male volunteers
Davidson D., Porzio A., Nealon P., Peppe J.
A rapid PCR-RFLP assay for identification of 11 medically important Candida species, Trichosporon asahii, Cryptococcus neoformans, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Hansonula anomala and Geotrichum candidum
Mirhendi H., Makimura K.
A rapid sequencing based prototype assay for detection of high risk HPV strains in cervical samples
Marlowe N., Bruce R., Owens M., White T., Zoccoli M.
A reporter gene system for the identification and characterisation of multiple antibiotic resistance (mar) in E. coli associated with altered expression of the AcrAB-TolC drug efflux pump
Matthiessen N., Heisig P.
A retrospective study of fungal infections in patients with haematologic malignancies
Michalis E., Chitiroglou K., Arseni P., Tsourveloudis I., Karabatsaki H., Galanopoulos A., Marinakis T., Zomas A., Anagnostopoulos N.
A role for rmoA in IncF plasmid mediated biofilm formation in E. coli K12
Nuk M., Reisner A., Neuwirth M., Zechner E.
A seven-year review of neonatal sepsis due to multidrug resistant Pseudomonasaeruginosa in a regional NICU
Sadownik B., Behrendt J., Karpe J., Wasek-Buko M., Godula-Stuglik U.
A shift to Gram-negative bacteria in the intestinal microflora contributes to immunopathology of acute ileitis in the Toxoplasma gondii-driven mouse model of small intestinal inflammation
Heimesaat M., Fischer A., Fuchs D., Goldenberg O., Jahn H., Dunay I., Schumann R., Moter A., Gescher D., Hahn H., Göbel U., Bereswill S., Liesenfeld O.
A simple PCR-RFLP method for identification and differentiation of eleven Malassezia species
Mahzounieh M., Mirhendi H., Makimura K., Zommorodian K., Keivanlu M.
A simulation model of the cost of treatment failure in patients hospitalised with community-acquired pneumonia in the US
Neil N., Lamm D., Ogden K., Noe L., Peterson L., Mallick R.
A situation that mimics viral hepatitis: statin induced rhabdomyolysis
Cokca F., Özkan S., Nergisoglu G., Memikoglu O.K., Azap A.
A study of HBV vaccination among anti-HBs negative hospital health care workers
Shin B.-M., Yoo H.M., Yoo S.M., Park S.K.
A study of HBV viral marker with HBV vaccination histories in healthcare workers in case of needle stick injury
Shin B.-M., Yoo H.M., Park S.K., Lee A.S.
A survey on drug resistance in Shigella organisms in 3 hospitals in Tehran over a six month period
Chamani L., Noyan Ashraf M.A., Asadi S.
A survey on the geographical distribution of soft and hand ticks in Buyer Ahmad and Dena cities, Kohgilouye and Boyer Ahmad province, Iran
Shayeghi M., Piazak N., Khoramro A., Moosakazemi S.
Accelerated blood culture diagnostic using the bioMérieux Vitek 2™
Wüllenweber J., Herrmann M.
Accelerated development of TEM-29 extended-spectrum beta-lactamase from TEM-1 in hypermutable, mutS, Escherichia coli
Ellington M.J., Livermore D.M., Pitt T.L., Hall L.M.C., Woodford N.
Accessing quality in infection control surveillance
Pasqualotto A.C., Branco D.S., Martins L.R., Amaral A.P., Colares S.M., Rocha I.G., Wiltgen D., Sukiennik T.C.T.
Accessory gene regulator group polymorphism in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Korea: an association with clinical significance
Yoon H.J, Choi J.Y., Kim J.M., Yong D., Lee K.W., Song Y.G.
Accuracy of cefoxitin disk diffusion for the detection of oxacillin resistance in Staphylococcus lugdunensis and Staphylococcus saprophyticus
Cercenado E., Cuevas O., Garcia-Escribano N., Perez-Olaso O., Vindel A., Bouza E.
Accuracy of the Microscan Walkaway system for identifying P. aeruginosa strains carrying class 1 integrons with MICs of cefepime higher than those of ceftazidime
Ugalde E., Campo-Esquisabel A.B., Cano M.E., Calvo-Montes J., Agüero J., Martínez-Martínez L.
Accuracy of three automated systems for susceptibility testing selected Gram-negative bacilli against five broad-spectrum beta-lactam agents
Sader H., Fedler K., Cookson B., Brace C., Fritsche T., Jones R.
Accurate, rapid genotyping of CTX-M beta-lactamase by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography
Xu L., Ling T., Boese K., Ensor V., Liu W., Munday C., Evans J., Oppenheim B.A., Hong G., Hawkey P.
Active MRSA surveillance decreases the incidence of MRSA bacteraemia
Shitrit P., Gottesman B., Katzir M., Kilman A., Chowers M.
Activity and pharmacodynamics of RO490–8463 (CS-023), a carbapenem with activity against MRSA
Jones M.E., Nicolau D.P., Kuti J.L., Nightingale C., Draghi D.C., Flamm R.K., Sahm D.F.
Activity of cathelicidin peptides against Chlamydia spp.
Cevenini R., Donati M., Di Leo K., Benincasa M., Cavrini F., Accardo S., Moroni A., Gennaro R.
Activity of ceftobiprole against recent clinical isolates of Enterobacteriaceae from respiratory infections from hospitalised patients in Europe and USA
Heep M., Sahm D.F., Draghi D.C., Jones M.E.
Activity of meropenem against Gram-negative isolates from the intensive care unit – Part of the MYSTIC (Meropenem Yearly Susceptibility Test Information Collection) Programme, 1997–2004
Patzer J.A., Dzierzanowska D., Pawinska A., Turner P.J.
Activity of mycobacteriological laboratories in the Slovak Republic in 2003
Langsadl L.
Activity of telithromycin and oral comparators against 20,886 Canadian respiratory tract pathogens isolated from 1997–2003
Hoban D.J., Palatnick L.P., Weshnoweski B., Wierzbowski A., Nichol K., Zhanel G.G.
Activity of tigecycline tested against an international collection (1999–2003) of resistant bacterial pathogens
Fritsche T., Sader H., Jones R.
Acute bacterial conjuctivitis in children
Makri A., Agathokleous X., Papavasileiou H., Lykou F., Manios N., Voyatzi A.
Acute bacterial meningitis: epidemiological pattern in a paediatric hospital
Gentile A., Bakir J., Turco M., Umido V., Orlando N., Romanin V., Procopio A.
Acute CMV infection in paediatric population
Koudounis P., Pagkalou M., Triantafillou G., Rozi P.
Acute gastroenteritis caused by Aeromonas jandaei– importance of identification to the species level
Durnova E., Andelova A., Porazilova I., Kulhavy J., Sedlacek I.
Acute leptospirosis: experience at a tertiary care referral centre
Sharma K.K., Mohan A., Bollineni S., Gururajkumar A., Siva Kumar V., Sharma A.
Acute morphine treatment reduce innate immunity against systematic infection of HSV-1 in mice
Jamali A., Roostaie M.H., Bamdad T., Solimanjahi H., Ghaderi Pakdel F.
Acute transverse myelitis and hepatitis C virus
Marroni M., Annunziata P., Francisci D., Stagni G.
Addition of a biocatalytic oxygen-reducing agent may be required in the absence of fresh media (<12 hours old) when testing tigecycline using broth microdilution
Stevens T., Johnson B., Bouchillon S., Johnson J., Hoban D., Dowzicky M., Bradford P.
Additional benefits of macrolides in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia
File T.M.
Adequacy of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole for prevention of urinary tract infection in renal transplant recipients
Moon C.S., Kim S.H., Ki H.K., Ko K.S., Oh W.S., Peck K.R., Lee N.Y., Song J.-H., on behalf of the Asian Pacific Research Foundation for Infectious Disease 
Adhesion to catheters and slime production of Staphylococcus haemolyticus isolated from hospitalised patient occurrence of antibiotic susceptibility
Bartoszewicz M.B., Nowicka J., Przondo-Mordarska A.P.M.
Administration of gentamicin in a Dublin teaching hospital
O'Neill E., Humphreys H., Smyth E.
Adult community-acquired pneumonia. Evaluation of the antibiotherapy proposed in an emergency department and analysis of the impact of training
Piglione L., Blanc V., Lerousseau L., Rafidiniaina D., Rotomondo C.
Adverse events and outcomes in patients with fungal infections treated with amphotericin B deoxycholate
Garbino J., Lew D., Matulionyte R., Markham L., Rives V., Arduino J., Gerth W.
Aerobiocontamination of moulds: epidemiology and influence of on invasive fungal infection in a tertiary care hospital
Imhof A., Spiess Pangrazzi M., Ruef C.
Aerosolised colistin for the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia due to multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria in patients without cystic fibrosis
Michalopoulos A., Kasiakou S., Mastora Z., Rellos K., Kapaskelis A., Falagas M.
Aetiological factors of vascular grafts infection and their antimicrobial susceptibility
Niedzwiadek J., Mazur E., Misztal S., Ziemba B., Terlecki P., Ligieza J., Koziol-Montewka M., Wronski J.
Aetiologies of 121 cases of male genital ulcers examined in the microbiology laboratory of the central army hospital in Algiers from 1990 to 2003
Naim M., Tiouit D., Chabani A., Amhis W.
Aetiology and clinical outcome of blood-stream infections in patients with haematological malignancies in two Danish university hospitals 2000–2003
Møller J.K., Gahrn-Hansen B., Bruun B.G.
Aetiology of urethritis among Yemeni patients
AL-Haifi A.Y., Alshami I., Aljaufy A., Salam T., Awad S.A.H.
AF146527 as target gene for detection of Toxoplasma gondii by LightCycler PCR
Edvinsson B., Lappalainen M., Evengård B.
AIDS, a risk disaster for the African Great Lakes region
Mangala Miherule J.L.
AIDS-associated Mycobacterium kansasii infection: a thirteen-year follow-up of microbiological and clinical features
Manfredi R., Calza L., Chiodo F.
Altered phagocyte Fcg receptors expression in HIV-infected patients with active tuberculosis
Bernal J.A., Garcia-Egido A.A., Escobar M.A., Fernandez F.J., Rosety M., Briceño F., Michan A., Ruiz P., Rivera C., Gomez F.
Amoxicillin and Co-amoxiclav (amoxicillin + clavulanic acid): differences in adverse drug reactions type and seriousness extrapolated from an Italian inter-regional database
Catania M.A., Salvo F., Polimeni G., Meneghelli I., Magro L., Colcera S., Caputi A.P.
Ampicillin resistant Enterococcus faecium: a rapidly increasing problem in hospitals in a Danish region
Ejlertsen T., Nielsen R.
Amplification of conserved 16S rDNA sequences in the diagnosis of subdural empyema complicating sinusitis
Sprecher H., Shalginov R.
Amplified intergenic locus polymorphism as a basis for bacterial typing of Listeria spp. and Escherichia coli
Somer L., Danin-Poleg Y., Diamant E., Kashi Y.
Amyloid peptide beta 1–40 enhances the action of Toll-like receptor-2 and -4 agonists but antagonizes Toll-like receptor-9 induced inflammation in primary mouse microglial cell cultures
Lotz M., Ebert S., Esselmann H., Wiltfang J., Gerber J., Nau R.
An abrupt onset of tularaemia in children in Kosovo
Djordjevic M., Garbino J., Uckay I., Kostic V., Tasic D.
An additional measure for quantifying antibiotic use in hospitals
Filius P.M.G., Liem T.B.Y., Linden P.D., Janknegt R., Natsch S., Vulto A.G., Verbrugh H.A.
An animal model of staphylococcal graft infection without mortality
Agalar C., Saygun O., Aydinuraz K., Pehlivanli F., Ceken S., Daphan C., Agalar F.
An attempt to detect the trace of faecal materials in drinking water of dairy farms around Tehran, Iran
Panahandeh M.J.
An automated DNA sequence-based early-warning system for detection of MRSA-outbreaks in hospitals
Mellmann A., Friedrich A.W., Rosenkötter N., Reintjes R., Witte W., Harmsen D.
An epidemic with multiresistant Acinetobacter baumanii: a chain of horror?
Antoniadou A., Souli M., Ghika A., Athanasia S., Galani I., Vorou R., Zerva L., Kontopidou F., Poulakou G., Katsala D., Giamarellou H.
An ESBL-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae strain isolated from a nosocomial outbreak becomes resistant to all clinically available antibiotics by acquisition of a plasmid-mediated AmpC beta-lactamase
Burak S., Wiedemann B., Wiegand I.
An evaluation of bacterial antigen detection tests in CSF of children in developing communities
Revathi G.
An in vitro assay for flavivirus NS2B/NS3 serine protease
Bessaud M., Peyrefitte C.N., Pastorino B., Grandadam M., Tolou H.J.
An in-field hygiene-epidemiological demonstration of the true relations between a case of legionellosis and single spot exposure to L. pneumophila from shower on board a Norwegian seismic vessel in the Gulf of Mexico
Ahlén C., Aas M.
An insight into the evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex using a novel molecular technique – multiple interspersed repetitive units
Gibson A., Brown T., Baker L., Drobniewski F.
An intervention programme to optimise the levofloxacin use
Del Arco A., Prada J.L., De La Torre J., Moreno F., Aguilar J., Faus V., Lopez I.
An MRSA strain associated with a community maternity hospital and carrying an exfoliative toxin gene
Edwards G.F.S., Gould I.M., Morrison D., Girvan E.K., Cosgrove B., Reid T.M.S., Mackenzie F.M., McBeath L.A., Browning R.A., Gemmell C.G.
An open-label comparison of oral voriconazole and itraconazole for long-term treatment of paracoccidioidomycosis
Queiroz-Telles F., Goldani L.Z., Shikanai-Yasuda M.A., Goodrich J.M., Schlamm H.T.
An outbreak of Pichia anomala fungaemia
Pasqualotto A.C., Sukiennik T.C.T., Rocha I.G., Martins L.R., Colares S.M., Colombo A.L., Severo L.C.
An outbreak of ESBL producing Klebsiellapneumoniae in neonatal intensive care unit of a university hospital: the long-term gut carriage among infection-free patients
Gundes S., Arisoy A.E., Kolayli F., Karaali E., Turker G., Sanic A., Arisoy E.A., Vahaboglu H.
An outbreak of gastroenteritis due to Aeromonas hydrophila
Carev M., Tandara D., Rizvan P., Barisic Z., Sisko Kraljevic K., Borzic E.
An unusual case of Gramineae in sublingual salivary gland
Doganci L., Calgurel M., Gungen Y., Kiran G.
An unusual resistance phenotype in nosocomial strains of Enterococcus species in a Greek hospital
Metzidie E., Pournaras S., Sofianou D.
Analysis of anti-flu vaccinations among patients of a family practice: four-year observation
Szymczyk I., Lukas W., Wnuk-Bialas E.
Analysis of consecutive blood cultures performed in one year by an infectious team: were three haemocultures still necessary?
Ben Ali A., Males S., Kitzis M.D., Nguyen Van J.C., Sanz R., Carlet J., Goldstein F.W.
Analysis of epidemiological situation of MRSA infections in selected hospitals in the Czech Republic
Mackova B., Urbaskova P., Melter O.
Analysis of mupA gene loci of high level mupirocin resistant staphylococci isolated from tertiary hospitals of Korea
Yoo J.I., Lee Y.S., Shin E.S., Lee J.K., Kim B.S.
Analysis of mutations within quinolone resistance determining regions of S. pneumoniae clinical isolates collected from TARGET surveillance during 2003
Morrissey I., Buckridge S., Farrell D.J.
Analysis of respiratory viruses and new viruses with combined cell culture/PCR testing
Larcher C., Huemer H.P.
Analysis of risk factors for surgical site infections in a tertiary care hospital in Turkey
Korkmaz M., Çevik M.A., Erbay A., Öztoprak N., Akinci E., Balaban N., Bodur H.
Analysis of sequential isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from cystic fibrosis patients, repeatedly treated with ciprofloxacin by mutant prevention concentration, minimal inhibitory concentration and pulsed field gel electrophoresis
Blondeau J., Blondeau L., Williams C.
Analysis of the comparative work-flow and accuracy of the VITEK®2 Compact and the ATB Expression® system
Blanc V., Brugel P., Lerousseau L., Mourier M.C., Blandin A., Raynaud M.F.
Analysis of the genetic structures at the origin of acquisition and expression of the blaOXA-58 carbapenem-hydrolysing oxacillinase gene of Acinetobacter baumannii
Poirel L., Marqué S., Héritier C., Nordmann P.
Analysis of the mortality among the patients with Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever virus infection
Celikbas A., Ergonul Ö., Baykam N., Eren S., Esener H., Dokuzoguz B.
Analysis of trends in antimicrobial resistance in Staphylococcusaureus and Escherichiacoli in Ireland, 1999–2004
Murchan S.
Another white spot on the Europe map is gone: first results of the Russian monitoring of antimicrobial consumption
Stratchounski L., Bedenkov A., Ishmukhametov A., Denisova M., Abramenko L., Gotovats S.
Antibacterial and antifungal activities of some new acrylate complexes
Badea M., Olar R., Marinescu D., Lazar V., Cernat R., Balotescu M.
Antibacterial effect of phenytoin in wound healing
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