Tuberculous meningitis in sucklings

Abstract number: 1135_293

Luca C.M., Vata A., Manciuc C., Leca D., Dorneanu O., Luca V.


To study the tuberculous meningitis in sucklings, from the clinical , laboratory findings and therapy point of view.

Material and Method:  

retrospective study of tuberculous meningitis of 23 infants under 1 year of age, admitted in the Infectious Diseases Hospital of Iasi-Romania, in the period 2000–2004.


The were identified in medium 29% new cases in children per year, comparatively with adults (14.8%). From these 23 cases,60% were boys and 26% of the group of age 1–4 months. The onset was incidious in 72,84% , with meningeal syndrome in 91% cases and conscience troubles in 8% cases. The CSF was clear in 95% cases, with high values of proteins and low values of glucose and chlorus. M. tuberculosis was isolated in culture in 28% cases and 14.66% by directly exam. The therapy was then with quadruple association of antituberculous drugs, with favourable evolution 65% cases, 8 deaths being recorded. The factors of bad prognoses still remain: the little age, the hydrocephalus (5 cases), malnutrition (3 cases), and coma from the beginning (2 cases).


Tuberculous meningitis still remain a disease with a high incidence and severe evolution in sucklings, despite the progress of diagnostic methods and therapy.

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