The prevention and treatment of neonatal herpesviruses infections

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Bartosova D.


In this report, the authors have presented clinical picture, course and therapy used in 13 infants with congenital VZV infection, 12 infants with congenital herpes simplex infection and 18 infants with CMV infection hospitalised at the Department of Paediatric Infectious Diseases in Brno within January 2000–November 2004.


The diagnosis of congenital HSV, VZV and CMV infection was established partly clinically on the base of typical symptoms of congenitally acquired disease, in a part of infants even from personal anamnesis (mother's disease during pregnancy) and especially verified by isolation of viruses from skin lesion, urine or occasionally from cerebrospinal fluid, detection of VZV, HSV and CMV DNA in the CSF, blood, or surface specimen, and/or by detection of viral antigen and by means of serological examinations.


There were no death in HSV and VZV study group. In the set of 18 newborns with confirmed congenital CMV infection, 11 of them have permanent neurological consequences involving motor of psychomotor problems. Five of them suffer from sensoric affection (4× disturbance up to loss of hearing, 1× strabism).


The early diagnosis and management of congenital and perinatal infectious in neonate is important and this will depend on the clinical recognition of the condition. Unfortunately, early diagnosis is problematic. Many of these conditions have non-specific manifestations. As most maternal infections are asymptomatic, repeated serological screening of all susceptibile seronegative women would be required throughout pregnancy. This difficulty exemplified by neonatal herpes infection when early diagnoses and treatment is essential to prevent possible adverse consequences. Early initiation of therapy is of outmost importance every case of herpesviruses infection should be treated as soon as possible. Antiviral therapies have dramatically improved survival rates.

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