The epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of HIV/AIDS patients in a tertiary hospital, Turkey

Abstract number: 1135_252

Celikbas A., Ergonul Ö., Baykam N., Eren S., Esener H., Dokuzoguz B.


To describe the epidemiological and clinical findings of 87 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) patients from Turkey.


All the patients had been followed in Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital between 1993 and 2004.


Seventy-two per cent of the patients were male, mean age at the diagnosis was 36 (min 13, max 71). Mean years of survival was 3.4, and maximum years of survival was 11. Thirty-one of the patients died, of those 26 died at their first admission. The most common professions were, drivers and workers. Eighty per cent of the women were housewives. Only one of the patients was university graduated. Heterosexual intercourse was the most common (86%) route of transmission. Blood transfusion, and IV drug use was the other routes. One male patient declared men with men sexual relation at the first interview, and 5 did after more detailed interview. Median CD4 count at the diagnosis was 198 (min 5, max 1051), and the mean viral load at the diagnosis was 122, 000 (min 400, max 107), 36% of the patients were grouped in C3 category at their first admission. The most commonly detected opportunistic infections were Candidal infections (0.1 per patient year), Mycobacterium tuberculosis (0.034 per patient year), and CMV (0.015 per patient year).


Considering the low education status among the patients, the role of the education in preventing HIV infection should be re-emphasized. Appropriate education programmes should be developed to prevent the transmission of HIV infection. A significant number of patients were diagnosed at very late stages. The physicians and other health care workers should be educated on the clinical pictures of HIV/ AIDS to diagnose the cases earlier.

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