The study of prevalence of aetiology and outcome of septic shock patients admitted at obstetric and gynecologic department

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Shahshahan Z., Boroomand S.


The incidence of sepsis, the precursor of septic shock, has continued to increase over past decades. The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcome and aetiology of septic shock in Iranian patients.


During the years 1992–2002 , we examined the blood, urine, uterus discharge culture of patients who were known cases of septic shock and the outcome and aetiology of the patients were recorded.


Four hundred patients with a mean age of 30 and a range of 25–35 were included. The prevalence of aetiology was 299 (74%) septic abortion, 55 (14%) endometritis, 27 (7%) pyelonephritis, and 10 (2.5%) chorioamnionitis, and 172 (43%) died. The results of culture were: E. coli (50%) klebsiella (20%), enterobacter SP (15%) streptococcus SP (10.5%) and others (4.5%).


According to this study illegal abortion was the most common cause of septic shock, therefore education effective methods of contraception are recommended to women.

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