Bacteroides fragilis enterotoxin gene isoforms (bft 1, bft 2 and bft 3) among strains isolated in the Netherlands, France and Poland

Abstract number: 1134_04_64

Obuch-Woszczatynski P., van Belkum A., Dubreuil L., Kreft D., Endtz H.P., Wintermans R., Pituch H., Meisel-Mikolajczyk F., Luczak M.

Bacteroides fragilis Gram-negative anaerobic rods were isolated from intestinal and extraintestinal sources: in France 53 strains, in The Netherlands 78 strains and in Poland 82 strains. The identification of bacterial strains was done on the basis of Gram staining, growth on selective BBE (Bacteroides Bile Esculine) medium, and biochemical characteristics determined by the API 20 A test (bioMérieux, France). For assessment of the presence of the enterotoxin (fragilysin) gene PCR was used. Amplification was performed with primers 404 and 407. For isoform identification PCR-RFLP was performed. PCR product was digested using restriction endonuclease Mse I. After DNA digestion we received fragments: for bft 1 263 bp and 165 bp, for bft 2 263 bp, 83 bp and 82 bp, for bft 3 211 bp, 110 bp, 82 bp and 18 bp. Among the 78 Dutch strains 12 contained the fragilysin gene (bft 1 – 8 strains, bft 2 – 1 strain, bft 3 – 1 strain and 2 strains were not identified). Between the 53 French strains 10 contained the fragilysin gene (bft 1 – 5 strains, bft 2 – 4 strains and bft 3 – 1 strain). Between 82 Polish strains 14 contained the fragilysin gene (bft 1 – 9 strains, bft 2 – 2 strains and 3 strains were not identified). In conclusion prevalence of the ETBF strains in The Netherlands, France and Poland is similar (15, 18, and 17%). Among the ETBF strains bft 1 isoform dominate (50–64%). bft 2 isoform were isolated most frequently in France (40%), in Poland only (14%) and in The Netherlands (8%). The first bft 3 isoform isolated in Europe was described by Scotto D’Abusco (2000). We found new bft 3 strains: one (isolated from ascites) among Dutch strains and one (isolated from peritoneal fluid) among French strains. We did not observe the bft 3 isoform among Polish ETBF strains.

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Date: 01/08/2007
Time: 00:00-00:00
Session name: XXIst ISTH Congress
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