The contribution of IgG avidity in the diagnosis of CMV infection

Abstract number: 1134_03_403

Koudounis P., Pagkalou M., Triantafillou G., Rozi P.


The evaluation of measurement of Cytomegalovirus immunoglobulin G avidity for distinguishing recent CMV infection from the past.


Blood samples were taken from 262 patients attending the Outpatient's Department or who were hospitalized in the General Hospital of Serres with symptoms and signs of recent CMV infection in 18 months (7/2002 to 12/2003).The presence of specific CMV antibodies was determined using the microparticle enzyme immunoassay (ABBOTT-AXSYM system) and confirmed with the enzyme linked fluorescent assay (Vidas). IgG CMV avidity test also made in Vidas system (bioMerieux, France).


A total of 262 patients (126 men–70 women–66 children) suggesting recent CMV infection, were examined. Thirty four (first group) had both IgM and IgG positive tests, while 6 (second group) had only IgM positive antibodies. The use of the IgG avidity test on the patients of the first group excluded recent primary infection (less than 3 months) in 27 out of 34 patients (79%). In the remaining 7, recent infection was confirmed by the second method of detection IgM antibodies. In all the above patients that were examined, a second blood sample was taken after 3 weeks. The last results of the 6 patients (second group) for IgM antibodies were negative.


The CMV IgG avidity is a useful diagnostic tool in laboratory confirmation of acute infection.

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Date: 01/08/2007
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