The influence of antibiotic policies on antibiotic use patterns: ARPAC data

Abstract number: 1133_15

Bruce J., Mollison J., MacKenzie F.M., Gould I.M.


One aim of the ARPAC study was to explore antibiotic policies and prescribing practices associated with antibiotic consumption.


Postal questionnaires and electronic spreadsheets were used for retrospective collation of hospital antibiotic policy and consumption data from European hospitals for 2001. A total of 170 hospitals provided policy data; 140 antibiotic consumption data and 124 hospitals provided both. Respondents provided data on antibiotic availability, formularies, policies, education, audit and the role of pharmacy and laboratory. Thirteen key questions were identified as indicators of good antibiotic policies and practice. Antibiotic consumption was measured using DDD per 100 bed-days (WHO, 2004). Data were analysed by hospital demographic characteristics, geographical region (N, W, S, SE, CE) and associations between policies and antibiotic consumption were explored.


There was geographical variation in antibiotic policy factors, with hospitals from North and Western Europe more likely than those from other regions to have written antibiotic policies (N 79%, W 72%, CE 54%, S 46%, SE 25%; P < 0.01), written antibiotic formularies (W 94%, N 84%, CE 85%, S 59%, SE 42%; P < 0.01) and to have drugs and therapeutics committees in 2001 (N 100%, W 98%, CE 88%, SE 69%, S 68%; P < 0.01). Hospitals from the North were less likely than other regions to include a restricted list of antibiotics within formularies (N 39%, W 71%, S 78%, SE 78%, CE 82%; P < 0.01). However, for other policy indicators, no statistically significant differences were found in practice across geographical region or by hospital case-mix. There was no consistent pattern of reduced antibiotic consumption (total and other major sub-classes) by policy factor e.g. employment of an antibiotic utilisation co-ordinator, computerised prescribing, education of staff on antibiotic consumption and consequences of resistance. Issues relating to the measurement of antibiotic consumption and indicators of good antibiotic stewardship will be discussed.

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Date: 01/08/2007
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