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Web-based guidelines for the evaluation of fever in returning travellers and migrants (http://www.fevertravel.ch): promotion and appropriateness for the primary care physician
D'Acremont V.
Weil's disease in Northern Greece. Correlations between clinicoepidemiological aspects and laboratory parameters in 88 patients
Vasileiadou E.
West Nile virus meningoencephalitis in central Tunisia: report of 13 cases
Naoufel K.
Western immunoblotting for serologic diagnosis of human candidosis
Persat F.
WHO global response to SARS
Rodier G.
Women prefer self-collection of vaginal swabs which are as effective for the diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae as urine, cervical swabs and clinician-collected vaginal swabs
Chernesky M.
Worms in south-east Asia: watch out what you eat and where you bath
Odermatt-Biays S.