Comparison of the VersaTREK to the ESP Culture System II for mycobacterial detection and susceptibility testing

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LaBombardi V.


Studies were conducted at two sites, Trek Diagnostic Systems Laboratory (TS) Sun Prairie WI, USA, and at Vincent's Hospital (SVH) New York, New York, USA, to validate the performance of the VersaTREK (VT) instrument for the detection and susceptibility testing of mycobacteria.


In a study conducted at TS, standardised suspensions of nine isolates of mycobacteria were tested in the VT and the ESP Culture System II (ESP). The time to detection (TTD) of a positive culture and typical curve response was evaluated. Reproducibility studies using five isolates of M. tuberculosis (M. tb) tested on three different days were conducted at TS. A seeded study comparing TTD in the VT and in the ESP using seven strains of M. tb was conducted at SVH. Susceptibility studies using strains of M. tb with known resistance profiles were conducted at TS, while a comparative study using clinical isolates was conducted at SVH. A clinical trial using split patient specimens for the ability to detect growth of mycobacteria is ongoing at SVH.


The nine isolates representing seven species of mycobacteria were shown to exhibit comparable TTD and typical curve response when tested in both systems. The reproducibility studies with M. tb demonstrated that the average TTD for the VT was 5.53 days compared with 5.37 days for the ESP. Studies on seeded clinical isolates showed that the isolates incubated in the VT had comparable TTD to those incubated in the ESP. Susceptibility studies using isolates of M. tb correctly identified three isolates that were susceptible to the four first line agents, one that was resistant to INH and one resistant to ethambutol. Comparative susceptibility studies between the VT and ESP were in complete agreement with the four first line agents and PZA. An ongoing split sample clinical trial at SVH has not demonstrated any significant difference between the two systems.


The VT was demonstrated to be comparable to the ESP for the detection of mycobacteria and for susceptibility testing of M. tb.


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