Brucellosis complicating arthroplasty: two case reports

Abstract number: 903_r2051

Polop Borras B.


Infection after arthroplasty is a serious complication associated with a high incidence of morbidity. Infection of prosthesis with Brucella is extremely rare.


Presentation of two cases of brucellar infections complicating arthroplasty.


Case 1 – Men of 45 years of age with total hip arthroplasty by Perthes’ illness in infancy, that presented a prosthetic slackening. In the culture of intraoperative exudate of replacement grew Brucella melitensis.

Case 2 – Men of 69 years of age with total knee arthroplasty by gonarthrosis. Five months later, the patient developed a fistule with chocolate exudate where we isolated Brucella melitensis.


After 2–3 days, nonhaemolytic colonies of oxidase-positive, Gram-negative coccobacilli and obligate aerobes were identified as Brucella melitensis for agglutination with Brucella antiserum.

Both patient specimens were cultured in solid media (Columbia blood agar and chocolate agar) and enrichment broth.

Their agglutination Brucella titres were 1/80 and 1/40 and Coombs test were 1/10 240 and 1/20 480, respectively.


Countries where brucellosis is still endemic it is recommended to evaluate all patients before arthroplasty. Screening for brucellosis should also be included if the patient has pain in their replaced joints at the follow-up examination.


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