Genotypical profile of infection by HCV

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Blanco D.


The infection by the HCV is the most important cause of the viral hepatitis, as by the number as by the gravity of its complications, in addition to the possibility of an effective treatment. We have studied the epidemiological characteristics of the infection by HCV in an area about 311 720 people, detecting 314 carriers (prevalence of 1007 by 100 000 inhabitants). The average age is of 41 years old (range 13–79), corresponding the majority to men (76.8%), with an average age of 39.8 years old, lower than the women (44.6). The global genotypical distribution shows the group 1 as the most frequent (64%), following of the 3 (21%) and the 4 (11%), although the genotype changes based on other parameters like the co-infection with HIV. Among HIV+ the most frequent is the 1a (30.8%), following 3a (23.1%), 1b (21.2%), 4c/4d (16.1%), etc. In the other side among population HIV – the most frequent is 1b (50.1%), following of 3a (19.2%), 1a (16.5%), 4c/4d (5.1%), etc. Other genotypes have been in a proportion far below. Globally, in the distribution by sex, 1b emphasises the predominance of the genotype 1b (47.9% in women and 32.8% in men), following of 1a with similar numbers (21.9 and 23.7%). It is only showed significant differences in the genotype 3a in relation to sex, since it is detected in 9.6% of women and 24.1% of men; in four position is 4c/4d with percentage next to 10% in both groups. In relation to the route of infection, the parenteral one was the most frequent (76.6%) mainly in HIV (79.7%), to which is added 3.9% whose route could by sexual, in addition to the previous one. The rest of transmission routes were inferior to 5%. When studying the years since the infection was acquired, we have observed that between the no-HIV group the incidence had not varied, whereas in HIV+ it decreased. With these results we observed the existence of a high prevalence of HCV in our sanitary area, fundamentally in men, related to infection by HIV in half of the cases, mainly parenteral acquisition (with tendency to the diminution in the HIV carriers) showing great predominance the genotype 1, varying in the different populations.


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Date: 01/08/2007
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