HCV genotypes in the Slovak Republic

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Koncova K.


Liver diseases caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV) pose a serious public health problem. HCV presents a group of highly variable strains due to variability in nucleotide sequence between the virus isolates. To indicate effective therapy of HCV infection, it is important to determine not only the presence of active virus in the patient's body, but also to specify the HCV genotype. The object of this study was to determine incidence of HCV genotypes in the patients included into the therapeutic process in the Slovak Republic.


Altogether 302 patients were chosen for this study, based on their HCV RNA positivity in the serum as detected by PCR method (Cobas Amplicor version 2 test, Roche). Then, the specific genotype and/or subtype of these amplicons was determined by hybridisation to specific probes with genotyping test Inno-Lipa HCV II, Innogenetics.


Of 302 sera tested, HCV genotype 1 was found in 234 (77.5%) cases, genotype 3 in 64 (21.2%) cases and in four (1.3%) positive cases the genotype could not be determined. More detailed analysis revealed 1a subtype in 15 (5,0%), 1b subtype in 203 (67.2%), 1a/1b in five (1.7%) cases, but 11 cases belonging to the genotype 1 were indeterminable subtypes. In the genotype 3, there were 63 (20.9%) 3a subtypes and 1 (0.3%) 3a/3b subtype.

As to the age distribution, in the group of patients older than 30 years, the genotype 1 highly predominated with 189 (97.4%) cases, whereas the genotype 3 occurred in four (2.1%) cases only and in one (0.5%) case the genotype could not be determined. In contrast, in the group of patients younger than 30 years, the genotype 3 prevailed with 60 (55.5%) cases followed by 45 (41.7%) cases of the genotype 1 and 3 (2.8%) indeterminable genotypes.


From our study follows that the genotype 1, the most difficult to treat is the most common in the Slovak Republic. However, in the younger population (<30 years, with higher incidence of drug addicts), the genotype 3 prevails.


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