Basic hospital infection control methods reduced the isolation rate of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

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Kim E.S.


Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is highly prevalent in hospitals in Korea. Hospital infections by MRSA are causing serious problems, so every hospital is trying to control MRSA by applying effective methods. Seoul Paik Hospital, tertiary teaching 430 bed hospital, applied relatively stricter infection control methods than previous ones in March 2002. This study was designed to evaluate the difference of the isolation rate of MRSA from all clinical specimens before and after the application of the infection control methods.


Each month, data of the number of MRSA was gathered and sorted; the results of the study were reported to every ward. All wards were supplied with Microshild (Johnson & Johnson, Australia), Clean N’ Fresh (Carroll, USA), and standard paper towels. Health care workers were educated about hospital infection control. The use of antibiotics was then restricted. We retrospectively compared MRSA isolation rate based on results reported by the Department of Clinical Microbiology before (September 2001–February 2002) and after (March 2002–August 2003), applying the new infection control methods.


After starting restricting system of antibiotics, glycopeptides and carbapenems were prescribed 15% (81 vs. 69 vials/1000 patient-days, P < 0.01) and 35% (37 vs. 24 vials/1000 patient-days, P < 0.01) less respectively, during the same period (September 2001–May 2002 vs. September 2002–May 2003). Methicillin resistance rate of S. aureus was reduced from 78 to 69% during the period of study (P = 0.02). The isolation rate of MRSA was reduced by 39% from 2.3 to 1.6/1000 patient-days (P = 0.002) during the same period (September 2001–February 2002 vs. September 2002–February 2003).


This study showed that the isolation rate of MRSA was reduced by applying hospital infection control methods in the hospital.


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