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Welcome to the companion website for the new sixth edition of Introduction to Modern Virology!

Designed to reinforce learning for students and provide essential teaching tools for instructors, this website includes many helpful resources including animations of key processes, web links and further readings, downloadable sample chapters, and all artwork and figures from the book.

Introduction to Modern Virology has been an established student text for over 25 years. Providing an integrated account of the subject across different host systems, with an emphasis on human and animal viruses, this book covers the field of virology from molecular biology to disease processes using a unique systems approach.

  • Updated throughout and reorganized into thematic sections on the fundamental nature of viruses, their growth in cells, their interactions with the host organism and their role as agents of human disease
  • Includes a new chapter on Human Viral Disease and rapidly developing areas, such as the use of viruses as gene therapy vectors
  • Features an all new art program in full color plus key points and integrated questions in every chapter, text boxes emphasizing take-home messages, evidence underpinning the main concepts, and further information for advanced readers
  • Ideal reading for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of biology and medicine wishing to study virology
  • Companion website includes helpful student and instructor resources