"This textbook provides an inexpensive and quick way to become familiar with SPSS. True to its title, the book presents an abbreviated introduction to SPSS without being brusque. The authors expect novices to be able to complete the book in under 10 hours. For those familiar with the Windows operating system and spreadsheet programs (e.g., Excel), the material can completed in a few hours less. . . . Overall, the book delivers a quick and easy to follow introduction to SPSS suitable for novices." (J. Wade Davis in The American Statistician, February 2007, Vol. 61, No. 1, p. 99)

"Do you think SPSS manuals are generally far more cumbersome than they need to be? Do your students find learning SPSS for Windows from a manual a time-consuming ordeal? A Crash Course in SPSS for Windows enables students to learn the package quickly and painlessly, provided they have some background knowledge of statistics. Why use A Crash Course in SPSS for Windows? This clear, explicit and user-friendly text enables most users to learn the basics comfortably within ten hours and makes it enjoyable." - (Gnist Akademika, 26 November 2001)

"I have taken several classes that have used SPSS. When I started taking these classes I had little to no knowledge about statistics. It was extremely frustrating to understand the texts that were put out by SPSS. After reviewing this book, I have a clear understanding of how to use SPSS. It made the difficult task of understanding the output simple. SPSS is intuitive, in the sense that it is simple to pick a test and run it. However, understanding which particular piece of data is of interest to you is not intuitive. This book helps clear up the jungle of data that you have to trek through to come up with your conclusion." - ( reader)