This simple, user-friendly introduction to SPSS for Windows has been updated so that it can be used with Versions 14, 15, and 16 of SPSS. This latest edition takes account of various alterations to the Data Editor, Output Viewer, Chart Editor, and dialog boxes in earlier editions of SPSS. The authors have deleted some very elementary material on using Windows and added a section on partial correlations. They have also included many useful SPSS procedures not covered in earlier editions of the book, including sorting, classifying, and coding data, inserting variables and cases, splitting files, and paneling charts and graphs. As in previous editions, readers can easily type in the data to gain data entry experience, or can download the data sets used in the book from this site.

This book was written on the basis of formal usability trials with people who wanted to learn to use SPSS and who suggested numerous improvements to the presentation and content of an early draft. The book is unique in the way in which it has been road-tested and improved by students and researchers learning SPSS. The fourth edition retains all of the features that made earlier editions so attractive to students and teachers:

The fourth edition will continue to enable students to learn to use SPSS quickly and painlessly, assuming they have some basic understanding of statistical methods.

For further information about the new edition, read the new preface and introduction.