Edited by Pete Alcock, Margaret May & Sharon Wright

Table of Contents


Part I: Concepts and Approaches

1. The Subject of Social Policy: Pete Alcock
2. Approaches and Methods: Saul Becker
3. Social Needs, Social Problems, and Social Welfare and Well-being: Nick Manning
4. Equality, Rights, and Social Justice: Peter Taylor-Gooby
5. Equalities and Human Rights: Suzi Macpherson
6. Efficiency, Equity and Choice Carol Propper
7. Altruism, Reciprocity and Obligation: Hilary Land

Part II: Key Perspectives

8. Neo-Liberalism: Nick Ellison
9. The Conservative Tradition: Hugh Bochel
10. Social Democracy: Robert M. Page
11. The Socialist Perspective: Hartley Dean
12. Feminist Perspectives: Shona Hunter
13. Green Perspectives: Michael Cahill
14. Postmodernist Perspectives: Tony Fitzpatrick

Part III: Historical Context

15. History and Social Policy: David Gladstone
16. Nineteenth-Century Beginnings: Bernard Harris
17. The Liberal Era and the Growth of State Welfare: Noel Whiteside
18. The Post-war Welfare State: Robert M. Page
19. Crisis, Retrenchment, and the Impact of Neo-liberalism (1976–1997): Howard Glennerster
20. Modernization and the Third Way: Martin Powell

Part IV: Contemporary Context

21. Demography: Jane Falkingham and Athina Vlachantoni
22. Economic Policy and Social Policy: Rob Sykes
23. Religion: Rana Jawad
24. Family Policy: Jane Millar and Tina Haux
25. Divisions and Difference: Sharon Wright
26. Poverty and Social Exclusion: Pete Alcock
27. The Distribution of Welfare: John Hills
28. The Policy Process: Hugh Bochel
29. Evaluation and Evidence-based Social Policy: Martin Powell

Part V Welfare Production and Provision

30. State Welfare: Catherine Bochel
31. Commercial Welfare: Chris Holden
32. Occupational Welfare: Edward Brunsdon and Margaret May
33. Voluntary Welfare: Jeremy Kendall
34. Informal Welfare: Hilary Arksey and Caroline Glendinning
35. Paying for Welfare: Howard Glennerster
36. Taxation and Welfare: Fran Bennett
37. Citizenship and Access to Welfare: Ruth Lister and Peter Dwyer

Part VI Welfare Governance 263

38. Managing and Delivering Welfare: John Clarke
39. Accountability for Welfare: Jackie Gulland
40. Welfare Users and Social Policy: Marian Barnes
41. Local and Regional Government and Governance: Guy Daly and Howard Davis
42. Social Policy and Devolution: Richard Parry
43. Social Policy and the European Union: Linda Hantrais
44. International Organizations: Nicola Yeates

Part VII Welfare Services

45. Income Maintenance and Social Security: Stephen McKay and Karen Rowlingson
46. Employment: Alan Deacon and Ruth Patrick
47. Health Care: Rob Baggott
48. Education in Schools: Anne West
49. Lifelong Learning and Training: Claire Callender
50. Housing: David Mullins and Alan Murie
51. Social Care: Jon Glasby
52. Criminal Justice: Tim Newburn

Part VIII Services for Particular Groups

53. 'Race'and Social Welfare: Lucinda Platt
54. Children: Tess Ridge
55. Young People: Bob Coles
56. Older People: Kirk Mann and Gabrielle Mastin
57. Disability: Mark Priestley
58. Migrants and Asylum Seekers: Alice Bloch

Part IX International Issues

59. Comparative Analysis: Margaret May
60. Social Policy in Europe: Jochen Clasen
61. Social Policy in Liberal Market Societies: Michael Hill
62. Social Policy in East Asian Societies: Michael Hill
63. Social Policy in Middle Eastern Societies: Rana Jawad
64. Social Policy in Developing Societies: Patricia Kennett

Appendix: The Social Policy Association (SPA)