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Arthritis & Rheumatism, Volume 60,
October 2009 Abstract Supplement

The 2009 ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting
Philadelphia October 16-21, 2009.

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WCWL Rheumatology Priority Referral Score Reliability and Validity Testing
Fitzgerald Avril, Spady Barbara Conner, DeCoster Carolyn, Naden Ray, Hawker Gillian A., Noseworthy Thomas, the WCWL Investigators 

Weak Association of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Clinical Features with Susceptibility Alleles
Gonzalez Antonio, Suarez-Gestal Marian, Calaza Manuel, Liz Myriam, Ordi-Ros J., Balada E., Bijl Marc, Kallenberg C.G.M., Papasteriades Chryssa, Kappou-Rigatou Iris, Carreira PE., Skopouli Fotini N., Mavromati Maria, Schmidt Reinhold E., Witte Torsten, Endreffy Emöke, Kovacs Attila, Marchini Maurizio, Scorza Raffaella, Migliaresi Sergio, Sebastiani Gian Domenico, Santos Maria J., Vinagre Filipe, Suarez Ana, Gutierrez Carmen, Rego Ignacio, Blanco F.J., Barizzone Nadia, D'Alfonso Sandra, Pullmann Jr Rudolf, Pullmann Rudolf, Ruzickova Sarka, Dostal Ctibor, Gomez-Reino J. J.

Weight Loss and the Risk of Hyperuricemia Among Men with a High Cardiovascular Risk Profile
Zhu Yanyan, Zhang Y., Krishnan Eswar, Choi Hyon K.

What Aspects Do Outcome Measures Used in Team Rehabilitation Really Measure?
Hagel Sofia, Lindqvist Elisabet, Petersson Ingemar F., Bremander Ann B.

What Does Patient-Reported Systemic Lupus Activity Questionnaire (SLAQ) Measure?
Jolly Meenakshi, Ishimori Mariko L., Moldovan Ioana, Katsaros Emmanuel P., Torralba Karina D., Cooray Dilrukshie, Shinada Shuntaro, Block Joel A., Wallace Daniel J., Weisman Michael H., Nicassio Perry

What Is the Lifetime Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Crowson Cynthia S., Myasoedova Elena, Gregersen Peter K., Therneau Terry M., Gabriel Sherine E.

What Is the True Cost of Fibromyalgia to Our Society: Results From a Cross-Sectional Survey in the United States
Goldenberg Don L., Schaefer Caroline, Ryan Kellie, Chandran Arthi, Zlateva Gergana

What Pain Related Behaviour Tells the MD about a Patient with Fibromyalgia
Fitzcharles MA, Ceko Marta, Gamsa Ann, Ware Mark, Shir Yoram

What Percentage of Patients with UIA Will Evolve to a Classifiable Arthritis in One Year?A Systematic Literature Review
Akhavan Pooneh S., Bessette Louis, Haraoui B., Pope J., Bykerk Vivian P.

What Predicts Homocysteine in Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Douglas Karen MJ, Panoulas Vasileios F., Smith Jacqueline, Metsios Giorgos S., Stavropoulos-Kalingolou A., Toms Tracey, Treharne Gareth J., Kitas George D.

What Should Medical Students Know about Pediatric Musculoskeletal (pMSK) Medicine?
Jandial Sharmila, Stewart Jane, Kay Lesley, Foster Helen

What Should We Have to Aim for RA Patients: Remission or Low Disease Activity?
Foltz Violaine, Gandjbakhch Frédérique, Etchepare Fabien, Tanguy Marie Laure, Monnier Agnes, Rosenberg Carole, Poulain Cecile, Rozenberg Sylvie, Bourgeois Pierre, Fautrel Bruno

Which Comes First: Knee Malalignment or Joint Space Narrowing?
Felson David T., Zhang Yuqing, Niu J., Hunter D.J.

Which Subgroups Are at Higher Risk of Rapid Radiographic Progression in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis: Results From SONORA Study
Bombardier Claire, Chen Maggie H., Li Xiuying, Gregersen Peter K., van der Heijde Désirée M.F.M.

Wnt16 Is a Cartilage-Specific Injury Response Gene Re-Expressed Following Acute and Chronic Cartilage Injury
Eltawil Noha M., Pitzalis Costantino, Dell'Accio Francesco

Women Are More Susceptible to Increased Symptoms of Pain, Fatigue, Negative Mood, and Cognitive Dysfunction After Exercise and Sleep Restriction
Glass Jennifer M., Ablin Jacob N., Lyden Angela K., Ambrose Kirsten, Williams David A., Clauw Daniel, Byrne-Dugan Cathryn

Women with Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Have More Disease Activity and Functional Impairment Than Men, Although Radiographic Damage Is Similar
Ursum Jennie, Klarenbeek N.B., Dijkmans Ben A.C., Huizinga T.W.J., Allaart C.F., van Schaardenburg D.

Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis Have Better Responses to Anti-TNF Therapy in the First Year, but Men Respond Significantly Better in the Long-Term Results From the Danish DANBIO Registry
Jawaheer Damini, Olsen Jorn, Hetland Merete L.

Work Barriers Encountered by Employed Persons with Scleroderma
Poole Janet L., Anwar Sahar, Mendelson Cindy F., Allaire Saralynn J.

Work Instability in Argentinean Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Prevalence and Associated Factors
Tamborenea M., Pisoni C., Mysler E., Tate G., Pereira D., Quintero J., Cappuccio A., Rillo O., Banos A., Arturi P., Velazco Zamora Jl, Alvarellos A., Ceccatto J., Pons Estel B., Gallo M., Catalan Pellet A., Cavallasca J., Gomez G., Tate P., Malah V., Lazaro M., Sohn D., Moreno J., Larroude M., Toloza S., Graf C.

Work Productivity Measures as Treatment Goals Beyond Signs and Symptoms
Strand V., Purcaru O., Kavanaugh Arthur

Workforce Planning in Paediatric Rheumatology in the United Kingdom (UK)
Pain C.E, Harrison M.J, Foster H.E, Symmons D.P.M, Baildam E.M

Workshop Using Simulators to Teach Medical Students Large Joint Injections
Rehman Aasim, Osting Vanessa C., Sterrett Ashley G., Carter John D., Reddy Priya, Ricca Louis, Valeriano-Marcet Joanne, Bateman Helen E.

Wrist MRI After 2 Years Treatment of Early Aggressive RA
Ranganath Veena K., Motamedi Kambiz, Haavardsholm Espen A., Maranian Paul, Elashoff David, McQueen Fiona M., Curtis Jeffrey, Moreland L W., Cofield Stacey S., Chen Weiling, Paulus HE

Wrist Pain in 712 Year Olds Playing with Game Consoles/Handhelds: Younger Children Have More Pain, Independent From Time Spent Playing
Ince Deniz C., Swearingen C.J., Yazici Yusuf

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