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Arthritis & Rheumatism, Volume 60,
October 2009 Abstract Supplement

The 2009 ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting
Philadelphia October 16-21, 2009.

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PADI4 Haplotypes Do Not Interact with Smoking, but Interact with Shared Epitope Regardless of Antibodies to Cyclic Citrullinated Pepeptide
Bang So-Young, Sung Yoon-Kyoung, Jung Kyounghee, Han Tae-Un, Kang Changwon, Bae S.-C.

Pain and Mood as Predictors of Sleep Quality in Children with Polyarticular Arthritis
Bromberg Maggie Hood, Gil Karen M., Anthony Kelly K., Schanberg Laura E.

Pain in One Knee Increases the Risk of Tibiofemoral Osteoarthritis in the Contralateral Knee: The MOST Study
Niu J., Felson David T., Nevitt M., Aliabadi P., Lewis C., Sack B., Torner J., Zhang Yq.

Pain On the Job: Prevalence and Site of Recent Joint Pain Among U.S. Adults with Arthritis-Attributable Work Limitations (AAWL)
Theis Kristina A., Murphy Louise

Pancreatitis in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Makol Ashima, Petri Michelle A.

PANLAR Recommendations and Guidelines for Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Training in the Americas
Pineda Carlos, The PANLAR Ultrasound Study Group 

Parenting Experience of Mothers with and without Inflammatory Arthritis
Backman Catherine, Chalmers Andrew, Montie Pam, Lacaille Diane V.

Participant Perception of the Importance of Social and Built Environmental Resources for Osteoarthritis Management (OA): Formative Work in a Rural, Southeastern County
Martin Kathryn Remmes, Schoster Britta, Callahan Leigh F.

Past Fractures Increase Risk for Subsequent Fractures at Multiple Sites: Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women (GLOW)
Saag Kenneth G., LaCroix Andrea, Silverman Stuart L., Boonen Steven, Compston Juliet, Netelenbos J. Coen, Pfeilschifter Johannes, Sambrook Philip, Watts Nelson B., FitzGerald Gordon, Adami Silvano

Patella Alta Is Associated with Patellofemoral Malalignment: The MOST Study
Stefanik J.J., Zhu Y., Zumwalt A.C., Gross K.D., Clancy M., Lynch J.A., Law L.A. Frey, Lewis C.E., Guermazi A., Powers C.M., Felson David T.

Pathogenesis of Proliferative Lupus Nephritis: Different Genetic Control for Acute and Chronic Glomerulonephritis and New Insight Into the Mechanism of Immune Complex Mediated Nephritis
Ge Yan, Jiang Chao, Gaskin Felicia, Sung Sun-Sang J., Bagavant Harini, Fu Shu Man

Pathogenic Role of IL-17 in Atherogenesis: A Cross Link Between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Atherosclerosis
Hot Arnaud, Lenief Vanina, Cazalis Marie-Angélique, Miossec Pierre

Patient Reported Outcomes in Inflammatory Arthritis: Development and Validation of a Combined Questionnaire for Functional Impairment and Quality of Life Assessment
El Miedany Yasser, El Gaafary Maha, Palmer Deborah, Youssef Sally

Patients and Providers Views of Gout Management: A Qualitative Study
Harrold Leslie R., Mazor Kathleen M., Velten Sarah J., Ockene Ira S., Yood Robert A.

Patients Global Assessment of Disease Activity and Patients Assessment of General Health in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Are They Equivalent?
Khan Nasim A., Sokka Tuulikki, QUEST-RA Investigators 

Patients Reactions to ACR Hotlines
Fraenkel Liana, Peters Ellen

Patients with C1q Deficiency Have Elevated Serum Interferon-Alpha and IP-10 Associated with Defective Suppression of Immune Complex Stimulation of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells
Santer Deanna M., Arkwright Peter D., Elkon Keith B.

Patients with Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis (dc SSc) Treated with Oral Type I Collagen (CI) Who Experienced, d 25 Improvement in Modified Rodman Skin Score (mRSS) Upregulated IL-10 Production to Specific Cyanogen Bromide (CB) Fragments of CI
Postlethwaite Arnold E., Wong Weng Kee, Clements Philip J., Kang Andrew H., Ingels Jesse, Furst D. E., Investigators of the SSc Phase II Oral CI Clinical Trial 

Patients with Early RA Treated with Abatacept Plus MTX Have a Higher Likelihood of Increasing or Maintaining Initial Improvements in Signs and Symptoms and Physical Function Over Time Than Those Treated with MTX Alone
Yazici Y., Moniz Reed D., Covucci A., Becker J. C., Westhovens R.

Patients with Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies Have Low Muscle Endurance Rather Than Low Muscle Strength
Alexanderson Helene, Bergegard Jenny, Munters Li Alemo, Dastmalchi Maryam, Lundberg Ingrid E.

Patterns of Compartment Involvement in Tibiofemoral Osteoarthritis (TFOA) in Men and Women and in Caucasians and African Americans: The MOST Study
Wise B.L., Yang M., Niu J., Lane N.E., Harvey W.F., Felson David T., Nevitt M., Hietpas J., Zhang Y.

Patterns of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Use for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in the Era of Modern Aggressive Treatment
Kochar Rabina, Spalding Steven J., Jain Anil, Walsh Kyle M., Hashkes Philip J.

Patterns of Pain-Related Pharmacotherapy and Healthcare Resource Use Among Elderly Patients with Fibromyalgia Prescribed Pregabalin
Gore Mugdha, Sadosky Alesia, Zlateva Gergana, Clauw Daniel

Pediatric Rheumatology Improvement Network for Clinical Excellence and Safety - PRINCES
DeWitt E. Morgan, Passo M., Kimura Y., Beukelman T., Gottlieb Beth S., Margolis P.

Pediatric Takayasu Arteritis: Significance of Central Nervous System Manifestations
Ardelean Daniela S., Schneider Rayfel, Silverman Earl D., Laxer Ronald M., Tyrell Pascal, Seed Michael, Yoo Shi-Joon, Benseler Susanne M.

Peer to Peer Mentoring: Facilitating Individuals with Early Inflammatory Arthritis to Manage Their Arthritis
Bell M., Veinot Paula, Embuldeniya Gaya, Cho Romy, Diamandis Phedias, Das Lopamudra, Tran Chris

Pegloticase Therapy Does Not Increase Oxidative Stress Status
Hershfield Michael S., Roberts II L. Jackson, Ganson Nancy J., Kelly Susan J., Sundy John S., Scarlett Edna, Jaggers Denise A.

People with Rheumatoid Arthritis Who Smoke or Do Not Smoke Have Similar Clinical Status: Data From the QUEST-RA Multinational Database
Sokka Tuulikki, Pincus Theodore, Makinen H., Naranjo A., QUEST-RA Investigators 

Perceived Barriers to Determine Disease Activity in RA Patients in Daily Clinical Practice: a Qualitative Study
van Hulst Laura T.C., Fransen Jaap, Beld Nicolien L., van Riel Piet L.C.M., Grol Richard, Hulscher Marlies E.J.L.

Perceived Home Demands of Women with Fibromyalgia: Five-Year Study
Reisine V Susan T., Dauser Deborah, Fifield Judith A., Walsh Stephen

Perceived Restrictions in Participation in Life Situations Among Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Taal Erik, Hagens Petra, Braakman-Jansen Louise, van de Laar Martin A.F.J.

Performance of the RA Disease Activity Measures and JADAS in Polyarticular-Course Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Ringold Sarah, Bittner Rachel, Neogi Tuhina, Wallace Carol A., Singer Nora G.

Performance of Three Self-Report Measures in Connective Tissue Disease-Associated Interstitial Lung Disease
Swigris Jeffrey J., Sprunger David B., du Bois Roland M., Fischer Aryeh

Periarticular Bone Mineral Density Does Not Distinguish Between Healthy Controls, Established RA and Early Arthritis Patients
Alves C., Colin E. M., van Oort W. J., Sluimer J., Hazes J. M. W., Luime J. J.

Perinatal Exposures and Kawasaki Disease in Washington State: a Population Based, Case-Control Study
Hayward Kristen N., Mueller Beth A., Wallace Carol A., Koepsell Thomas D.

Perioperative Complications in Patients with RA Receiving Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitor
Kawakami Kosei, Ikari Katsunori, Iwamoto Takuji, Tsukahara So, Momohara Shigeki

Peripheral and Axial New Bone Formation Is Different According to Gender in Ankylosing Spondylitis
Aydin Sibel Zehra, Keser Gokhan, Inal Vedat, Yazisiz Veli, Karadag Omer, Birlik Merih, Atagunduz Pamir, Erken Eren, Direskeneli Haner, Pay Salih

Peripheral Blood B Cells Subsets in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Correlation with Disease Activity and Organ Involvement
Gremese Elisa, Tolusso Barbara, Michelutti Alessandro, Nowik Marcin, Laria Antonella, D'Antona Graziella, Ferraccioli Gianfranco

Peripheral Immunological Biomarkers and Laser Doppler Imaging in Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy
Szabo Nora Anna, Szodoray Peter, Lukacs Szilveszter, Sipka Sandor, Zeher Margit, Danko Katalin

Peripheral Neuropathy Is An Uncommon Cause of Neuropathic Symptoms in Sjgrens Patients
Birnbaum Julius

Persons with Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis Exhibit Increased Hip and Knee Moments During A Sit-to-Stand Task
Hoglund Lisa T., Barbe Mary F., Barr Ann E., Hillstrom Howard J., Lockard Margery A., Song Jinsup, Reinus William R., Heilman Benjamin P.

Perturbations in B-Cell Homeostasis in Primary Sjgrens Syndrome
Roberts Mustimbo, Wei Chungwen, Roger James, Sanz Iñaki, Anolik Jennifer H.

PGE2 Differentially Regulates Expression of Chondrocyte Markers During Chondrogenesis of Human Bone Marrow Derived MSCs
Palmer Glyn, Al-Mussawir Hayf, Attur Mukundan, Abramson Steven B.

Pharmacokinetics of Oral Treprostinil in Patients with Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) and Digital Ulcer Disease
Schiopu Elena, Rollins Kristan, Wade Michael, Seibold James R.

Pharmacotherapy Trends in a Large Cohort of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cooper Jason, Hall Lakevia, Krueger Andrew, Lim S. Sam

Phase 2 Study of Safety and Efficacy of a Novel Anti-BAFF Monoclonal Antibody, in Patients with RA Treated with Methotrexate (MTX)
Genovese MC, Mociran E., Biagini M., Bojin S., Sloan-Lancaster J.

Phase I Single and Multiple Ascending Dose Studies to Investigate the Safety, Tolerance and Pharmacokinetics of CH-4051 in Healthy Male Subjects
Veenendaal Aletha, Boland John, Hewitt Lawrence A.

Phenotype Characterization of Regulatory T Cells (CD25highCD127low FoxP3) in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Mesquita Danilo, Cruvinel Wilson M., Araujo Julio A. P., Kallas Esper G., Andrade Luis Eduardo C.

Phenotype-Haplotype Correlation of IRF5 Gene in SSc: Association with Different Fibrotic Sub-Phenotypes and Severe Patterns
Dieude Philippe, Dawidowicz Karen, Guedj Mickael, Boileau Catherine, Allanore Yannick, GFRS co-workers 

Phenotypical and Functional Aberrations of B Cells in Patients Treated with Anti-Tnfa Agents
Karampetsou Maria, Paliogianni Fotini, Andonopoulos Andrew P., Liossis Stamatis Nick C.

Phosphorylated Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases Are Colocalized with Membrane Attack Complex and Cyclin E in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis-Affected Synovial Tissue
Ombrello Michael J., Chauhan Anil, Moore Terry L.

Physician Preference Motivates Use of Anti-TNF Therapy Independent of Clinical Disease Activity
Curtis Jeffrey R., Chen Lang, Harrold Leslie R., Narongroeknawin Pongthorn, Reed George, Solomon Daniel H.

Physician Visits for SLE: Impact of Individual, Neighborhood, and Healthcare Delivery System Characteristics
Tonner Chris, Trupin Laura, Yazdany J., Julian L. J., Katz Patricia, Criswell Lindsey A., Yelin E.H.

Physician-Patient Communication about Rheumatoid Arthritis and Biologic Therapy: Results of An in-Office Linguistic Study
Onofrey Meaghan, Deodhar Atul A., Huffstutter J. Eugene, Martin Richard W., Eagan Corey

Physicians Perception of (in)Acceptable Disease Activity in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Some Clues From a 7 Year Follow-up Study of Patients Treated with Infliximab
Cruyssen Bert Vander, Durez Patrick, Westhovens Rene, De Keyser Filip

Physiologically Optimal Vitamin D Levels in African Americans Based Upon Intact Parathyroid Hormone Suppression: What Vitamin D Should Be Considered Normal?
Curtis J. R., Chen L., Niu J., Delzell E., Felson David T., Javaid M.K., Katholi C., Nevitt M. A., C. E. Lewis for the MOST Group 

Pihdl Is Associated with a 19- Fold Increased Risk of Progression of Subclinical Atherosclerosis in SLE
McMahon Maureen A., Sahakian Lori J., Grossman Jennifer M., Skaggs Brian J., FitzGerald John D., Charles-Schoeman Christina, Ragavendra Nagesh, Gorn Alan H., Karpouzas George A., Volkmann Elizabeth R., Weisman M., Wallace D., Hahn B H.

Pilot Study of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for the Treatment of Systemic Sclerosis-Related Telangiectases
Murray Andrea K., Moore Tonia L., Richards Helen L., Ennis Holly, Griffiths Christopher, Herrick Ariane L.

Pilot Study of the Illness Perception Questionnaire-Revised (IPQ-R) in Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA)
Barsdorf Alexandra I., Schiaffino Kathleen M., Imundo Lisa F., Levy Deborah M.

Pituitary Tumor-Transforming 1 Interacting Protein (PTTG1IP) Is a Novel Target for Autoantibodies in RA
Rodrigues Hanna Maciejewska, Karouzakis Emmanuel, Hemmatazad Hossein, Gay Renate E., Michel Beat A., Neidhart Michel, Gay Steffen, Jungel Astrid

Placebo-Controlled Study of Rilonacept for Gout Flare Prophylaxis During Initiation of Urate-Lowering Therapy
Schumacher Jr. H. Ralph, Sundy John S., Terkeltaub Robert, Knapp Howard R., Mellis Scott, Soo Yuhwen, King-Davis Shirletta, Weinstein Steven P., Radin Allen R.

Plasma Microparticles in SLE
Petri Michelle, Lanata Cristina, Kiani Adnan, Jani Jayesh, Kickler Thomas S.

Plasma Myeloperoxidase Activity Is Increased in Patients with RA Compared to Healthy Controls and Is Associated with Abnormal Anti-Inflammatory Function of High Density Lipoprotein
Charles-Schoeman Christina, Lee Yuen Yin, Amjadi Sogol, McMahon Maureen A., Paulus Harold E., Reddy Srinivasa T.

Plasma Myeloperoxidase Predicts Mortality in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Liang Kimberly P., Sattar Abdus, Hazen Stanley, Elliott Jennifer R., Santelices Linda C., Kao Amy H., Manzi Susan, Maksimowicz-McKinnon Kathleen

Plasma Oxidative Stress in Patients with Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis Versus Control Group
Cruz-Dominguez Maria del Pilar, Vera-Lastra Olga, Montes-Cortes Daniel, Medina Gabriela, Medina Marco

Plasmin Cleavage of Beta2-Glycoprotein I Promotes Maternal Anti-Ro60 IgG Opsonisation of Apoptotic Cells: A Permissive Factor in Congenital Heart Block?
Reed Joanne H., Giannakopoulos Bill, Kaufman Kenneth M., Krilis Steven A., Gordon Thomas P.

Platelet Derived Serotonin (5-HT) Plays a Crucial Role for Experimental Fibrosis
Dees Clara, Akhmetshina Alfiya, Busch Nicole, Zwerina Jochen, Bader Michael, Schett Georg, Distler Oliver, Distler Jörg HW

Platelet Hyper-Reactivity in Active Inflammatory Arthritis Is Unique to the ADP Pathway: a Novel Finding and Potential Therapeutic Target
MacMullan Paul A., Peace Aaron J., Madigan Anne, Tedesco Anthony F., Kenny Dermot J., McCarthy Geraldine M.

Pleurisy in a Large SLE Cohort
Dhawale Roshan, Petri Michelle A.

PLX FK1, A Novel Dual Inhibitor of Kit and Fms Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Reverses Clinical and Histological Disease Parameters in Multiple Autoimmune Disease models
Habets Gaston, Zhang Jiazhong, Burton Betsy, Zhang Chao, Ibrahim Prabha, Wong Bernice, Nespi Marika, Powell Ben, West Brian, Lin Paul, Bollag Gideon, Hirth Peter

PN400 Significantly Reduces the Incidence of Gastric Ulcers Compared with Enteric-Coated Naproxen in Patients Requiring Chronic NSAID Therapy Regardless of Low-Dose Aspirin Use: Results From Two Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trials
Goldstein Jay L., Hochberg Marc C., Fort John G., Zhang Ying, Sostek Mark

Pneumovax Vaccination Among Rheumatology Outpatients On Immunosuppressive Medications: The Development of a Quality Indicator
Desai Sonali P., Turchin Alexander, Szent-Gyorgyi Lara E., Weinblatt Michael E., Coblyn Jonathan S., Solomon Daniel H., Kachalia Allen

Point Prevalence of Pulmonary Hypertensions in Systemic Sclerosis: Results From Two Large Cohorts (of European Caucasian patients) and Meta-Analysis
Avouac J., Airo P., Meune C., Beretta L., Dieude P., Caramaschi P., Cappelli S., Tiev K., Diot E., Vacca A., Cracowski Jl, Sibilia J., Kahan A., Matucci-Cerinic M., Allanore Y.

Polymorphism in NOD1 Causes Aggravated Bone Destruction in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Plantinga Theo S., Netea Mihai G., Fransen Jaap, Zwerina Jochen, Van Riel Piet L., Schett Georg, van den Berg Wim B., Joosten Leo A.

Polymorphisms of COTL1 Gene Identified by Proteomic Approach and Their Association with Autoimmune Disorders
Shim Seung cheol, Lim Mi-Kyoung, Sheen Dong-Hyuk, Jin Eun-Heui, Chung Hun-Tag

Population-Based Association of Sickle Cell Disease with Gout
Gelber Allan C., Lanzkron Sophie, Maynard Janet, Haywood Jr. Carlton

Population-Based Estimates of Uveitis Incidence in Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis
Szabo SM, Gooch Katherine, Johnston K.M., Maksymowych Walter P., Lacaille Diane V., Pangan Aileen, Levy AR

Population-Based Prevalence of Primary Sjgrens Syndrome: A 5-Source CaptureRecapture Estimate
Maldini Carla, Seror Raphaèle, Fain Olivier, Dhote Robin, Mariette Xavier, De Bandt Michel, Delassus Jean-Luc, Falgarone Géraldine, Le Guern Véronique, Lhote François, Meyer Olivier, Ramanoelina Jacky, Sacre Karim, Uzunhan Yurdagül, Leroux Jean-Louis, Guillevin Loïc, Mahr Alfred

Positive Affect as a Resilience Factor in Fibromyalgia and Other Complex Symptom Disorders
Hassett Afton L., Savage Shantal V., Dihmes Sarah E., Buyske Steven, Schlesinger Naomi

Positive Correlations Between Serum Levels of B-Cell Activating Factor of the TNF Family/BLyS (BAFF), Anti-Jo-1 Autoantibodies and Muscle Enzymes in Patients with Polymyositis or Dermatomyositis
Krystufkova Olga, Modra Marta, Mann Herman, Putova Ivana, Lundberg Ingrid E., Vencovsky Jiri

Possible Genetic Association of HLA-A2601 and B39 with Ocular Behets Disease in Japan
Kaburaki Toshikatsu, Takamoto Misuko, Numaga Jiro, Kawashima Hidetoshi, Araie Makoto, Ohnogi Yuka, Harihara Shinji, Kuwata Shoji, Takeuchi Fujio

Post-Acute Physiotherapy for Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Cochrane Systematic Review
Westby MD, Carr S., Kennedy D., Brander V., Bell M., Doyle-Waters MM, Backman C.

Post-Acute Physiotherapy for Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Cochrane Systematic Review
Westby MD, Kennedy D., Jones DL, Jones A., Doyle-Waters MM, Backman Catherine L.

Preclinical Atherosclerosis Is of Similar Severity in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes Mellitus Despite Differential Impact of Traditional Risk Factors and Systemic Inflammation
Stamatelopoulos Kimon S., Kitas George D., Papamichael Christos M., Chryssochoou Elda, Katsiari Christina G., Georgiopoulos George, Protogerou Athanasios, Panoulas Vasileios F., Sandoo Aamer, Tentolouris Nikolaos, Mavrikakis Myron, Sfikakis Peter P.

Predicting Absence or Work Stoppage Among Patients with Early Rheumatoid Arthritis
Zhang Wei, Sun Huiying, Sato Reiko, Singh Amitabh, Freundlich Bruce, Emery Paul, Chou Chung-Tei, Anis Aslam H.

Predicting Arthritis-Related Work-Transitions within One Year: Which at-Work Disability Measure Is Best?
Tang Kenneth, Beaton Dorcas E., Gignac Monique A., Lacaille Diane, Badley Elizabeth M., Anis Aslam H., Bombardier Claire

Predicting Lung Function Decline in Systemic Sclerosis
Mittoo Shikha, Wong Keng, Robinson David B., Hudson Marie, Csrg , Baron Murray

Predicting Major Quality of Life Improvement Via PASI or HAQ in Psoriatic Arthritis Patients
Kirkham Bruce W., Li Wenzhi, Molta Charles T., Singh Amitabh, Zbrozek Arthur

Predicting Radiographic Progression in Rheumatoid Arthritis with Ultrasound and Biomarkers
Cavet G., Shen Y., Abraham S., Chernoff D., Centola M., Taylor P.

Prediction of Cardiovascular Event in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - A 7-Year Follow up Study
Bengtsson Christin, Moller Bozena, Smedby Torgny, Back Johan, Rantapaa Dahlqvist Solbritt

Predictive Risk Factors of Severe Infections in RA Patients Treated with Rituximab in Real Life: Results From the AIR Registry
Gottenberg Jacques-Eric, Mariette Xavier, For the scientific committee members of AIR registry , Ravaud P., Bardin Thomas, Cacoub Patrice P., Cantagrel Alain G., Combe B., Dougados M., Godeau Bertrand, Flipo RM, Guillevin L., Hachulla E., Le Loe Xavier, Sibilia J., Schaeverbeke Thierry

Predictors of Assistive Walking Device Use and Association with Changes in Knee Osteoarthritis and Falls: Findings From the Health ABC Study
Carbone Laura, Satterfield Suzanne, Somes Grant W., Tolley Elizabeth A., Kwoh C. Kent, Chen Hepei, Nevitt Michael C.

Predictors of Biologic Response Modifiers Discontinuation in 2,486 RA Patients
Ramiro Sofia, Wolfe Fred, Michaud Kaleb D.

Predictors of HAQ Response After 3 Months of Treatment with Different Strategies in Recent Onset Active RA
Dirven L., Ewals J.A.P.M., Huizinga T.W.J., Kerstens P.J.S.M., Peeters A.J., Dijkmans B.A.C., Allaart C.F.

Predictors of Hip Disease in Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (S-JIA)
Batthish Michelle, Tyrrell Pascal N., Schneider Rayfel, Feldman Brian

Predictors of Osteoporotic Fracture in SLE
Fangtham Monthida, Petri Michelle

Predictors of Physical Therapy Service Use in Persons with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Iversen Maura D., Shadick Nancy A., Chhabriya Riku

Predictors of Poor Growth in Early JIA: Results From the Childhood Arthritis Prospective Study (CAPS)
Obeysekera MH, Lal S.D., Lunt M., Baildam E., Wedderburn L., Chieng A., Gardner-Medwin J., Friswell M., Foster Helen, Davidson J., Thomson W., Hyrich K.

Predictors of Quality of Life (QOL) in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Patients
Bae S. C., Cho Soo-Kyung, Sung Yoon-Kyoung, Lee Hyeseon, Jung Kyounghee, Kim Tae-Jong

Predictors of Radiographic Joint Destruction in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients During TNF-Inhibitor Treatment in Clinical Practice
Ornbjerg L. M., Ostergaard M., Boyesen P., Thormann A., Tarp U., Rogind H., Bohme W., Lindegard H., Poulsen U., Hansen A., Ringsdal V., Graudal N., Andersen A. R., Espesen J., Kollerup G., Christensen T. G., Pelck R., Madsen O.R., Jensen D.V., Majgard O., Hetland M. L.

Predictors of Radiographic Progression in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Treated with Methotrexate
Weinblatt Michael E., Keystone Edward C., Cohen Marc D., Freundlich Bruce, Li Juan, Chon Yun, Baumgartner Scott

Predictors of Rheumatology Clinic Visit Times
Larson Molly M., Davis Lisa A., Caplan Liron

Predictors of Serious Infections in Seniors with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): Results of the OBRI Administrative Database Analysis
Bernatsky Sasha, Paterson J. Michael, Thorne J. Carter, Cividino Alf, Pope Janet, Widdifield Jessica, Bombardier Claire

Predictors of SF36 Scores in a New Lupus Cohort in Southern California
Cervera Janina, Ishimori Mariko L., Cooray Dilrukshie, Jolly Meenakshi, Katsaros Emmanuel, Moldovan Ioana, Shinada Shuntaro, Torralba Karina D., Wallace Daniel J., Block Joel A., Weisman Michael H., Nicassio Perry

Predictors of Successful Long-Term Therapy Outcome in Patients with Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain Attending a Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Programme
Machado Pedro, Gawronski Jan

Prednisone Chronotherapy of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Sustained Efficacy of A Novel Modified-Release Formulation Over 12 Months
Buttgereit Frank, Doering Gisela, Knauer Christine, Witte Stephan, Szechinski Jacek, Alten R.

Pregabalin Efficacy in Treatment of Refractory Pain in Fibromyalgia
Stacey Brett R., Murphy T. Kevin, Emir Birol, Giordano Suzanne, Dror Vardit

Pregabalin-Long-Term Follow-up in Treatment of Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)
Abeles Micha, Abeles Aryeh M.

Pregnancy Outcome in SLE Patients Before and After Diagnosis
Fare Regina, Rodriguez-Almaraz Esther, Carreira Patricia E., Mateo Isabel, Galindo María

Preliminary Estimates and Significance of Red Blood Cell Methotrexate Polyglutamate Measurements IN the Rheumatology Practice Setting
Dervieux Thierry, Matsutani Mariko, Stimson Debbie, Barry Mary, McGuyer Curtis

Preliminary Findings of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Assessments of Visuoconstructional Ability in Childhood-Onset Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (cSLE) Patients and Best-Friend Controls
Sagcal-Gironella A. Carmela, Klein-Gitelman Marisa, Baker Aimee, German April, Anderson Eric, Roebuck-Spencer Tresa, Beebe Dean, Zelko Frank, Gitelman Darren, Holland Scott, DiFrancesco Mark, Brunner Hermine

Preliminary Results of a Phase I Clinical Trial of Intra-Articular Administration of ARG098, A Novel Anti-Fas IgM Mab, in RA
Appelboom Thierry, Mann Herman, Senolt Ladislav, Suchy David, Nemec Petr, Rolova Jana, Cerinic Marco Matucci

Preliminary Results of a Phase II Placebo Controlled Trial with Adalimumab in Erosive Hand Osteoarthritis: Predictors of Erosive Evolution and the Potential Effect of Adalimumab in Specific Subgroups
Verbruggen Gust, Wittoek Ruth, Vander Cruyssen Bert, Elewaut Dirk

Prevalence and Characteristics of Articular Manifestations in Human Imunodeficiency Virus Infection
Ekwom Paul Etau

Prevalence and Clinical Associations of Pulmonary Involvement in Systemic Sclerosis Data From the German Systemic Sclerosis Network Registry (DNSS)
Becker M.O., Huscher D., Bruckner C., Centres Gerd R. Burmester DNSS, Riemekasten Gabriela

Prevalence and Clinical Predictors of Osteonecrosis in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Makol Ashima, Petri Michelle A.

Prevalence and Clinical Significance of the Anti-p53 Antibody in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Yamanaka Kenjiro, Nakano Soichiro, Kanai Yoshinori, Asano Masanao, Ikeda Keigo, Thoyama Syouko, Ishiyama Kentaro, Takasaki Yoshinari

Prevalence and Determinants of Vitamin D Insufficiency/Deficiency in U. S. Veterans with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Kerr Gail S., Richards John S., Mikuls T. R., Sabahi Iraj, Reimold A.M., Cannon Gw, Johnson Dannette S., Caplan Liron

Prevalence and Types of Cognitive Impairment in Young Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
Appenzeller Simone, Pike Bruce, Leonard Gabriel, Veilleux Martin, Clarke A. E.

Prevalence of Alcohol Consumption Among Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Patients On Methotrexate (MTX) and Impact On Liver Function Tests
Iannaccone C., Frits M., Cui J., Weinblatt M. E., Shadick N.

Prevalence of Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody and Its Association with Smoking in General Population: A Cross Sectional Study
Kumagai Shunichi, Hayashi Nobuhide, Kawano Seiji, Sugiyama Daisuke, Nishimura Kunihiro, Kasagi Shimpei, Saegusa Jun, Morinobu Akio

Prevalence of Femoral Neck Protuberance On Hip MRI in a Swiss Male Population: A Cross-Sectional Study
Reichenbach Stephan, Juni Peter, Werlen Stefan, Nuesch Eveline, Pfirrmann Christian W., Trelle Sven, Ganz Reinhold, Leunig Michael

Prevalence of Functionally Active, Senescent T Cells in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Dvergsten Jeffrey A., Mueller Robert G., Abedin Sameem, Lemster Bonnie H., Pishko Allyson, Michel Joshua, Rosenkranz Margalit E., Vallejo Abbe N.

Prevalence of Monozygotic Twins with Behets Syndrome
Masatlioglu Seval, Gogus F., Seyahi E., Fresko I., Tahir-Turanli E., Yazici Hasan

Prevalence of Staphylococcus Aureus Colonization Among Those Using Biologic Therapy
Deodhar Atul A., Yamashita Shellie, Ehst Benjamin, Bakke Antony, Blauvelt Andrew, Andrews Brian, Vega Robert, Winthrop Kevin

Prevalence of Systemic Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases(SARDs): Regional Comparisons
Bernatsky S., Lix L. M., Hanly J. G., Hudson M., Peschken CA, Clarke A. E., Pineau C. A., Belisle P., Joseph L.

Prevalent Vertebral Fractures Among Children with Rheumatic Disorders at the Time of Initiation of Glucocorticoid Therapy: Results of the Canadian STeroid-Associated Osteoporosis in the Pediatric Population (STOPP) Research Program
Huber A., Cabral D., Lang B., Ni A., Dent P., Ellsworth J., Houghton K., LeBlanc C., Miettunen P., Oen Kiem G., Roth J., Saint-Cyr C., Scuccimarri R., Atkinson S., Hay J., Lentle B., Matzinger M., Shenouda N., Siminoski K., Ward Leanne M., Canadian STOPP Consortium 

Preventive IVIG Therapy for Congenital Heart Block (PITCH)
Friedman Deborah M., Llanos Carolina, Izmirly Peter M., Kim Mimi Y., Buyon Jill P.

Primary Health Care Use in Osteoarthritis: Link with Depressed Mood
Gleicher Yehoshua, Croxford Ruth, Hawker Gillian A.

Primary Prevention of Thrombosis in Antiphospholipid Antibodies Positive Patients: A Prospective, Multicenter, Randomised, Open Trial Comparing Low Dose Aspirin with Low Dose Aspirin Plus Low Intensity Oral Anticoagulation
Cuadrado Mj., Bertolaccini ML., Seed P., Tektonidou M., Aguirre A., Mico L., Gordon C., Ruiz-Irastorza G., Gil A., Espinosa G., Houssiau F., Rahman A., Martin H., Galindo M., Amigo MC, Khamashta MA

Primary Systemic Vasculitis in Patients with Severe Alpha1-Antitrypsin (1-AT) Deficiency - Report On Five Cases and Incidence Estimates
Segelmark Mårten, Mohammad Aladdin

Probability to Achieve Low Disease Activity at 52 Weeks in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Patients Treated with Certolizumab Pegol (CZP) Depends On Time to and Level of Initial Response
van der Heijde Désirée M.F.M., Schiff M., Keystone Edward C., Landewe R., Kvien T.K., Curtis J. R., Khanna D., Luijtens K., Furst D.E., Cush John J.

Problems and Coping Strategies Reported by Computer Users with RA
Baker Nancy A., Rogers Joan C., Kwoh C. Kent, Songer Thomas

Profibrotic Wnt Signaling in Human Mesenchymal Cells: Implications for Scleroderma
Wei Jun, Leng Ethan, Sargent Jennifer L., Whitfield Michael L., Lam Anna, Gottardi Cara, Varga John

Profile of Pre-Scleroderma Evolution
Rodriguez-Lozano Beatriz, Delgado-Frias Esmeralda, Hernandez-Hernandez Vanesa, Angeles Gantes-Mora Maria, Trujillo-Martin Elisa, Bustabad-Reyes Sagrario

Progesterone Receptor Is Not Required for Progesterone Suppression of TLR-Induced Cytokine Production by Dendritic Cells in Vitro
Hughes Grant C., Li Chang, Wong Alan, Draves Kevin E., Clark Edward A.

Prognostic Factors of Radiological Progression in Rheumatoid Arthritis: a 10-Year Observational Study
Markatseli Theodora E., Alamanos Yannis, Voulgari Paraskevi V., Drosos Alexandros A.

Prognostic Role of ECG in Pulmonary Hypertension Associated with Systemic Sclerosis (SSc)
Byrne-Dugan Cathryn, Schiopu Elena, Impens Ann J., Seibold James R., Phillips Kristine

Prognostic Value of Patient History, Radiography and Serology On Poor Outcomes in Undifferentiated Inflammatory Arthritis Patients
Petre Maria A., Cheng Carly K., Boire Gilles, Pope J., Haraoui Boulos, Hitchon Carol A., Jamal Shahin, Thorne J. Carter, NEAR Researchers and Vivian P. Bykerk 

Progression of Esophageal Dysmotility in Scleroderma
Mubashir Asia, Saeed Fahd, Karimeddini Mozafareddin, Rothfield Naomi F.

Proinflammatory Effects of Octacalcium Phosphate (OCP) Crystals Are Mediated by IL-1b through NALP3 Inflammasome Activation
Pazar Borbala, Busso Nathalie, Kolly Laeticia, Narayan Sharmal, Chobaz Veronique, Bagnoud Nathalie, Ea Hang-Korng, Tschopp Jurg, Liote Frédéric, So Alexander K.

Pro-Inflammatory High Density Lipoprotein (PiHDL) in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Kiani Adnan, McMahon Maureen A., Sahakian Lori J., Magder Laurence, Hahn B H., Petri Michelle

Pro-Inflammatory High Density Lipoproteins (piHDL) and Atherosclerosis Are Induced in Lupus-Prone but Not Normal Mice by High Fat Diet and Leptin
Hahn B. H., Lourenco Elaine V., McMahon Maureen A., Skaggs Brian J., Iikuni Noriko, La Cava Antonio

Prolonged but Variable Effects of B Cell Depletion Therapy in Murine Lupus Nephritis
Bekar Kai, Owen Teresa, Dunn Robert, Ichikawa Travis, Hossler Jennifer Barnard, Nevarez Sarah, Brady Sean, Goldman Bruce, Kehry Marilyn R., Anolik Jennifer H.

Prolonged Immunoadsorption (IAS) Leads to Sustained Stabilization of Disease Activity in Lupus Nephritis
Stummvoll Georg H., Biesenbach Peter, Schmaldienst Sabine, Smolen Josef S., Derfler Kurt

Proposal for Outcome Measures for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA)Associated Uveitis From the JIA-Uveitis Outcomes Working Group
Foeldvari Ivan, Anton J., Deboer J., Edelsten C., Graham E., Kotaniemi K., Mackensen F., Nielsen S., Rabinovich C. E., Ramanan A. V., Minden K., Saurenmann R. K., Smith Justine A., Heiligenhaus A.

Proteasome Inhibitors Block Production of Alpha Interferon and B Cell Activation
Looney R. J., Conley Thomas, Kobie James, Anolik Jennifer H.

Proteinase 3 Transcription in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Predicts Disease Activity in Wegeners Granulomatosis
Cheadle Chris, Berger Alan E., Andrade Felipe, James Regina, Johnson Kristen, Watkins Tonya, Chen Yu-Chi, Ehrlich Eva, Mullins Marissa, Barnes Kathleen C., Levine Stuart M.

Proteomic Analysis of Autoantigens in SLE Patients with CNS Involvement
Iizuka Nobuko, Okamoto Kazuki, Matsushita Reiko, Arito Mitsumi, Nagai Kouhei, Kurokawa Manae S., Suematsu Naoya, Masuko Kayo, Hirohata Shunsei, Kato Tomohiro

Proteomic Analysis of Whole Saliva as a Promising Tool to Identify Novel Disease Biomarkers in Primary Sjgrens Syndrome
Baldini Chiara, Giusti Laura, Giacomelli Camillo, Ciregia Federica, Sernissi Francesca, Talarico Rosaria, Bazzichi Laura, Mosca Marta, Giannaccini Gino, Lucacchini Antonio, Bombardieri Stefano

Proteomic Identification of Several Novel Autoantibodies Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Katsumata Yasuhiro, Kawaguchi Yasushi, Baba Sayumi, Hattori Seisuke, Tahara Koji, Ito Kaori, Yamaguchi Nozomi, Hattori Hiroaki, Nagata Kinya, Gono Takahisa, Takagi Kae, Ota Yuko, Yamanaka Hisashi, Hara Masako

Proximal B Cell Receptor Signaling and Tolerance in Autoreactive IgMCD27 B Cells
Jenks Scott A., Sanz Iñaki

Psoriatic Arthritis in a Diverse Ethnic Cohort
Kerr Gail S., Richards John S., Vahabzadeh-Monshie Hashem, Kindred Chesahna, Sabahi Iraj, Treherne Annyce, Alpert Michael D., Cohen George, Amdur Richard

Psychiatric Illness of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in Childhood
Lim Siok Hoon Lily, Lefebvre Arlette, Benseler Susanne, Tyrrell PN, Peralta Michelle, Silverman ED.

Psychosocial and Educational Barriers to Surgical Success After Knee Arthroplasty
Lopez-Olivo Maria, Kallen Michael, Pak Chong, Siff Sherwin J., Landon Glenn C., Edelstein David, Robinson Kausha C., Zhang Zhang Hong, Suarez-Almazor Maria E.

Pten Deficiency in Myeloid Cells Protects From Collagen Induced Arthritis
Bluml Stephan, Schabbauer Gernot, Bonelli Michael, Smolen J. S., Redlich Kurt

Pulmonary Hypertension Assessment and Recognition of Outcomes in Scleroderma (PHAROS): Two-Year Outcomes for Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension
Chung Lorinda, Hsu Vivien M., Bolster Marcy B., Csuka ME., Hummers Laura K., Varga John, Impens Ann J., Steen Virginia D., the PHAROS Investigators 

Pulmonary Hypertension Assessment and Recognition of Outcomes in Scleroderma (PHAROS): Two-Year Outcomes for Pre-Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH)
Hsu Vivien M., Khan Hafiz, Wu Yijin, Schiopu Elena, Mayes M., Derk Chris T., Shapiro Lee S., Csuka ME., Fischer Aryeh, Khanna Dinesh, Domsic Robyn T., Molitor Jerry A., Steen Virginia D., the PHAROS Investigators 

Pulmonary Hypertension Assessment and Recognition of Outcomes in Scleroderma (PHAROS): Utility of Six Minute Walk Test
Impens Ann J., Hinchcliff Monique E., Hummers Laura K., Mayes M., Derk Chris T., Shapiro Lee S., Domsic Robyn T., Segal Barbara M., Goldberg Avram Z., Alkassab Firas, Steen Virginia D., the PHAROS Investigators 

Pulmonary Hypertension in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus A Retrospective Analysis
Martin Rhodri, Lee Richard W., Coghlan John G., D'Cruz David P.

Pulmonary Involvement in Microrcopic Poliangiitis: Focus On Prevalence and Outcome of Pulmonary Fibrosis
Kokosi Maria A., Tzioufas Athanasios G., Toya Sophie P., Boki Kyriaki A., Zormpala Alexandra, Moutsopoulos V Haralampos M., Tzelepis George E.

Putative Autoimmune Susceptibility Loci: TENR-IL2-IL21, AFF3 and CTLA4, Are Associated with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Hinks Anne, Eyre S., Barton Anne, Martin Paul, Flynn Edward, Ke Xiayi, Packham Jon, Worthington J., Thomson W.

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